How to set up and use Kodi on your Android device

Update June 2017: Updated the section on using Kodi with Chromecast.

Kodi is a powerful open source media center, which is available across a multitude of operating systems, but its continued rise to prominence has come in large part due to its Android version thanks to "Kodi boxes" — essentially cheap Android TV boxes sold with the Kodi app pre-installed. This has garnered Kodi a lot of press and attention lately, because its open source add-on feature can be used for media piracy purposes.

But it's an unfair situation because the piracy add-ons are unofficial, unsupported, and the Kodi box industry is unwelcome, according to the Kodi developers. The base app is perfectly legal, and what you do get is one of the best experiences for organizing and streaming media onto any device — even your phone. Bring your own content like you would with Plex — or even link to your Plex server within Kodi if you've already got one set up.

It's entirely customizable, so let's walk you through the basic setup.

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Kodi is optimized for Android

Previously, when you downloaded Kodi on your Android device, you would be required to go into the Appearance setting and swap over to a more touchscreen-friendly skin. With the latest update for Android, the developers have swapped over to a much more user-friendly skin by default, so you'll be able to just load it up and go.

Download Kodi from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab)

Once you've loaded Kodi up, you'll find the navigation menu on the lefthand side with categories for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Add-ons, and more.

Importing your media files

With Kodi, you can keep all your media organized and accessible in one place — from pictures and music to videos, sorted by movies and TV shows. It's quick and easy to import your media into Kodi and simply a matter of setting a source for the media from your phone's internal storage or a microSD card if your phone supports expandable storage.

  1. Tap the type of media you wish to add. We'll use Pictures for this example.
  2. Tap Add pictures….

  1. Tap Browse.
  2. Find the folder containing the media you wish to add then tap OK.

Now when you tap the category from the main screen, you'll find your source available with all your photos, music, or videos organized. If you've ripped your favorite TV box sets onto your computer and transferred them to a microSD card, they will be organized by season within Kodi.

Diving into Add-ons

Beyond your own media, you can also install a variety of handy add-ons from the built-in add-on browser or by adding them from remote add-on repositories. For now, we'll look at what's available from right within Kodi.

When you tap the Add-ons menu from the main menu of Kodi, you may find that all your Android apps have been automatically linked and displayed within Kodi. While it's somewhat convenient to be able to jump right into another app from within Kodi, I've found it to be somewhat buggy and it's caused Kodi to crash on more than one occasion.

You want to get to the add-on menu with all the different add-on types listed along the left side of the screen. There you'll be able to tap the button to browse through the available add-ons.

You can find video add-ons for over 100 different TV channels' online streaming catalogs and media sharing websites such as YouTube and Reddit, along with many international options. To install an add-on and see what it has to offer, simply select it and tap Install.

Along with the add-ons found within the included Add-ons browser, you can go into the add-on settings and install from an online repository. Since those are often hosting add-ons that promote piracy, you're on your own if you choose to go that route.

Using Kodi with Chromecast

Watching Kodi on a tablet or phone when you're on the go is alright, but the best part is the way you can switch over to your Chromecast-enabled TV when you get home. While Kodi doesn't support Chromecast directly, but you can cast your phone's screen to the TV, you're able to use your phone's screencasting ability for a quick workaround or use LocalCast (opens in new tab).

LocalCast is a great app for streaming content from your phone to a Chromecast, but it takes a few extra steps to get things working smoothly with Kodi. All you need to do is download and move an XML file into a Kodi folder on your device, and the next time you load a video in Kodi, LocalCast should launch giving you casting options to available Chromecasts.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from adding Kodi to a NVIDIA Shield or downloading Kodi for your PC or Mac and streaming your content that way from home. Simply put, Kodi gives you all the customization tools for Android to make it fit into TV setups around your home.


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  • LocalCast makes it much easier to cast Kodi to your Chromecast. In the settings, there is an option to write the xml file that will let Kodi know to do that when a video is launched. Simply click the same option in LocalCast to delete it if you no longer want to cast (like if you aren't anywhere near your chromecast when wanting to watch a video.
  • ^^^^ this... we posted at the same time I think. I'm working on a tasker profile that will allow me to turn the chromecast execution on/off when using kodi.
  • chromecast support is what stopped me from using kodi. I dont want the scren mirror workaround. I have localcast and i think i can use this?
    is there an article explaing how to do this?
  • The lack of native chromecast support deterred me as well. Check out this link: Then, like I said, using a tasker profile to toggle when Kodi defaults to local cast or to my phone's screen.
  • Said tasker profile is now an app in the playstore...
  • It is possible to use Chromecast in Kodi like normal, i.e. not screen mirroring, but legitimately casting. I did it for the first time last week after a simple google search. Streamed two movies over the weekend! Works great!
  • Yeah but doing this method you can't switch back and forth between casting and watching on your device without changing this file.
  • Hence the tasker profile to write and delete that file by tapping a widget.
  • Sorry didn't see that comment. Can you share if you figure it out because I can't get it. Don't k ow why but I find the old tasker UI less confusing.
  • Yup, I actually just made the profile. I'll see about exporting it to an APK and putting it on the google play store for download... I'll keep you posted.
  • Awesome. I'd pay for it.
  • I just submitted it the widget app to the Play Store... should go live in an hour or so... I'll post the link when it goes live.
  • Just went live! Hope it helps!
  • Just bought it thanks. So still change the file initially?
  • Shouldn't need to download the file at all, it's in the app. Just tap to toggle! Let me know how it works for you! And if you like it, feel free to leave some feedback in the play store!
  • Just pushed an update that gives a toast and notification in the pulldown shade that tells you what the current state of the toggle is, so it's easier to switch it if it's in the wrong state.
  • I feel like kodi is overrated. Everything on it runs so finicky for me.
  • I feel like you're using the wrong addons. Get the wookie wizard
  • Thanks for sharing!!
  • Wookie isn't working with Krypton yet.
  • Thx for the info, will do
  • Kodi makes me feel like a moron. It's probably legitimate.
    All i want to do is define one folder as music to access from the main menu with the music option AND define a separate folder as audiobooks to access from the main menu with a custom shortcut called "audiobooks" or something similarly innovative.
    Alas, I apparently lack the intelligence and google skills to pull this off. Even so, kodi has been fun to use over the years.
  • Kodi is a powerful open source media center, which is available across a multitude of operating systems, but its rise to prominence is *completely* thanks to its *ORIGINAL XBOX* version. Fixed that for you.
  • One of the most stable app I have used.
  • Since the new update recently, kodi now unusable. When I hit kodi it freezes and to send a report. Last week it was perfect.
  • Try to reinstall, that usually solves similar issues for me
  • Do we really need this article every few weeks? It seems like that's how often I've seen this. Are you really trying to get to the top of search results that badly?
  • Kodi 17 is a major update, and it was just released about a week ago.