You might have noticed a lot of people just love these Spigen Style Rings. In case you have no idea what we're talking about, they're a metal ring you affix to the back of your phone designed so you can slip a finger in to help hold it. You know, like a ring. They're made of some sort of brushed metal on a plastic base and have adhesive attached to the back so the two parts — your phone, and the ring — stick together and form something beautiful.

There are two types of people in this world: people who love the Style Ring and people who know better. Seriously though, you already know if you think this is a good idea and if you do, just go for it. Style Ring the living hell out of the back your phone and own it. We're all wired differently and you should totally do the things you think are cool and buy the things you like.

If you are like me and refuse to follow the instincts that have served you well throughout your life, here are some ideas to get the darn thing off.

  • Fire. Everything burns, even regret. Enough heat will remove both the Ring and your phone, leaving no trace of your misfortune.
  • Tools. Specifically, the power kind. A belt sander will turn your Ring-laden phone into dust you can then sprinkle into the wind. You will be left with fond memories of days before the Ring and the love you shared.
  • Water. A lot of water. A quiet fishing trip on Lake Tahoe would be fine. I know it was you, Style Ring. You broke my heart.
  • Alcohol. Use liberally until you think this whole Ring thing was a great idea. Repeat daily.
  • Macho Man lives on in our hearts and minds and will fix everything.
  • A shovel. Bury the evidence. Admit nothing.

Seriously though. You can remove it by sticking some dental floss under it and slicing the bond away. There will be a bit of sticky residue, which can serve as a reminder or punishment, but something like Goo Gone wipes will clean things up good as new.

If you think I'm just a hater and want your own Style Ring, you can get one below.

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