How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook

Facebook Pride Flag
Facebook Pride Flag (Image credit: Android Central)

Android Central loves, well, love. With that in mind, we're sharing something fun for those who feel the same. If you're celebrating Pride Month and have a Facebook account, you've already seen most of the account tweaks you can add, like temporary profile banners. If you want to go a little deeper, Facebook now lets you share the Pride flag as a reaction to both posts and comments. It's not a takeover of an existing reaction, it's an entirely unique reaction you can share!

Here's how to enable the Pride reaction for your account!

Enabling the Pride reaction on your Facebook Account

Like many other custom reactions on Facebook, you can opt-in by liking a specific page. In this case, liking the LGBTQ@Facebook page will enable the Pride reaction for your account.

Once you've liked the page, if you hadn't previously liked it, wait about five minutes and you'll see the rainbow option appear on both mobile and the web. This will probably only be around for the rest of the month, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Step-by-Step instructions

  1. Open the Facebook either through the app or browser
  2. Search for LGBTQ@Facebook in the top search bar
  3. Like the LGBTQ@Facebook page
  4. Wait five minutes
  5. Spread delightful rainbows as far and wide as you choose

Got it? Great! Have fun, and remember...

Russell Holly

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • <3
  • Amazing they would do this before the American flag. Just let that sink in a bit.
  • What's supposed to sink in exactly? I've never really felt "American flag" about anything... So why would I need it as a reaction?
  • Patriotism is the only acceptable emotion. You know, as long as it's the kind of patriotism they say is acceptable.
  • Apparently so, I feel very 🇨🇦 about the whole situation. Buddy. More on topic, I didn't realise you could activate custom reactions by liking certain pages in general, so this is doubly interesting.
  • Is there a list of other pages that can activate reactions
  • They're all temporary. We've seen things for Star Trek 50th and some others
  • I MISSED STAR TREK REACTIONS!?! Damn. I would've been so awesome/obnoxious/obnoxiously awesome/awesomely obnoxious!
  • What types of patriotism did you have in mind? The kind where a single group tells me that I'd better totally agree with them or I'm a Bigot, racist or homophobe? How about the kind of patriotism that says we're one country and no one gets special rights because they're mentally ill. I mean geez, think about it. A guy doing a guy? really? That's normal?
  • He says with a **** in his mouth
  • That's probably because you've never stuck your neck out to defend it.
  • Who cares? Edit: here, just post this on any thread you feel warrants a reaction:
  • Where is their support for orphans or exploited children
  • America takes care of them
  • Hence the problem with America right now.
  • Why an American flag? Facebook, like pride, is international. Forcing American flags everywhere would be inappropriate and off-putting for the other 95% of the world.
  • Whats is there to sink in? There are 6,7 billion people other than Americans on Earth. I'm not American, so that flag wouldnt maen a damn thing to me. The reactions should only work globally. There is a world outside of USA - if you didnt notice.
  • Amazing they would do something that THE WHOLE WORLD can relate to and accept before the American flag. I'm gonna give you a minute to realize what you just said.
  • The whole world... you mean including those where gays are thrown off buildings.
  • Ignorance is never an excuse!
  • There are Americans that think America is the center of the universe. Sad the true
  • We are. At least the center of the world for many reasons.
  • Lol, prepare for the storm.
  • This is where you separate true patriots from the fake loyalist patriots. A true patriot might disagree with what you do but a true patriot will fight for your right to do it. Now a fake patriot will put you down and use some kind of fake patriotic narrative to do it.
  • I think we actually agreed on something just now.
  • Very cool.
  • I think this is one of the smartest things I've heard in a long while.
  • Nice post
  • Thanks
  • I think it's a weird cultural thing, because for me the pursuit/defence of freedom and liberty aren't connected to patriotism at all... It's probably because of that awesome document you guys have that so many people seem so willing to ignore or cherry pick from... Not that I'm denigrating your point, I actually rather like the idea.
  • That's not really patriotism. That has nothing to do with being an American. It has to do with just being a decent human being and letting others people live their lives.
  • This has nothing to do with patriotism, remotely, the whole rainbow flag shenanigan, it just has to do with people being respectful people, but nicely stated mate.
  • I'll believe in the respect part when I disagree with someone and they don't call me a name for disagreeing with them
  • Great post man.
  • WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS NOW! I mean Facebook.
  • How about a cross reaction. It would appeal to the largest segment of the population vs one of the smallest
  • They already have "angry"... That's the same as cross.
  • How do you figure? Many more people support equality than denounce it.
  • The word equality is a slippery word. Depends on who's defining it
  • There isn't exactly an LGBTQ@Facebook page. What are we supposed to like? I'm a bit confused.
  • linked in the article here. It's
  • No thanks
  • Way to delete post...censorship is alive and well.
  • +1, this site is getting so bad anyways it might be time to uninstall the app. A bunch of ads and shelling for their other sites. So sad, bring back Phil!
  • He never left, and he'd delete a lot more than I have.
  • He did leave for a few months.
  • The blog moderators aren't the government and no one is being arrested or persecuted by the government for their comments here. Hence no censorship. All posters agreed to follow the rules and when they don't, especially when they don't follow them in a manner that is discriminatory or harassment to other members, sometimes those comments are removed.
  • People are fundamentally stupid when it comes to what you said -- which is spot on, by the way. If I had a dime for every time someone from the USA agrees to a terms of service for a message board, and then cries their First Amendment right has been violated when something goes wrong, I'd have enough dimes to dive into like Scrooge McDuck on DuckTales.
  • Freedom of speech is pretty great, but no one is required to provide you a platform. If you come into someone's house and start shouting insults at them or their other guests, they have every right to tell you to shut up, ask you to leave and then throw you out. A website is no different.
  • Exactly. Post what you want, but do follow the rules. If you don't, then we'll have to do the old sweep-sweep.
  • +1
  • Enter the religious zealots😬 and fragile masculinity 🤖
  • Won't happen. They're deleting all posts that don't fit their liberal agenda.
  • And yet, you're still here. I delete anything that is obviously hateful. Nothing else. It's real easy. Play nice, or get out of my sandbox.
  • Again. Freedom of speech is pretty great, but no one is required to provide you a platform. If you come into someone's house and start shouting insults at them or their other guests, they have every right to tell you to shut up, ask you to leave and then throw you out. A website is no different. If you really want somewhere you can say what you want, start your own blog.
  • We delete posts when people are jerks. And there's no reason for us to keep them here.
  • I delete accounts when people are jerks.
  • Jerry is a badass!
  • Nope. I'm just lazy and it's easier to click one button to make a problem go away :P
  • Please...PLEASE...let me have that button for life stuff!!!!
  • I'd like to see a post from the rain AC staff giving visibility to a item centered toward Christianity or the Bible. I'm sure that everyone would be on their best behavior and that no comments would merit deletion #icantrollmyeyesbackenough
  • I find it interesting that you find anything about this post to be anti Christian or anti religious.
  • Um, I didn't make a statement about anti-anything. I made the observation to challenge AC's self-anointed mantle of fairness and inclusiveness.
  • If that's correct, why is there an implied contrast between supporting equal rights and supporting christianity?
  • I wrote a post about a Bible app once. Nobody cared. So few people read it that it cost the company money to pay me to write it and set aside storage and bandwidth costs to host it.
  • What I said was a fact and not hateful so you are not being honest.
  • Okay here it goes, people are quick to worship a flag made in China with unquestionable Allegiance, people are crazy quick to l defend police even though the police are the biggest violaters of our rights, people are quick to jump up and down with glee when they see the USA launching missiles into another country. But when two guys fall in love our two ladies fall in love the whole world comes to a grinding halt. I'm beyond sick of people's selective outage. You either stand for people's freedom to live their lives as they please or you are no better than the Gestapo.
  • It's actually not that simple. Their is your crop of hateful people in this world which you can pretty much just assume that there's no point in arguing with them. Then their is the Christians (not the ones spreading hate) that believe that homosexuality is a sin and do not support that choice. I am a Christian myself and do not dare judge since I myself am a sinner. With that said, for the most part, this is not a question of patriotism nor an opportunity to discriminate or spread hate.
  • I have never agreed with you more.
  • Beautifully said mate. Be together, but not the same. Google got the idea, it's sad a good chunk of the people don't, even in the 21st Century.
  • I find it odd that gays who support Trump weren't allowed in a gay pride parade. Apparently, there is now a test to see if you're the right kind of gay. Funny, that sounds pretty racist to me.
  • I think they should allow whomever wants in to participate, but I can understand why they wouldn't want those people. It's difficult to be comfortable with people who actively support open discrimination... Which is a good reason to not react with open discrimination, to your point.
  • The problem is the association of supporting Trump with supporting discrimination. Just because those folks supported Trump didn't mean they support discrimination. There were facets to his campaign (economy, fiscal policy, healthcare, etc) that had nothing to do with equality. Edit: I understand your point though. You're for anybody participating, but sympathize with the organizers feeling uncomfortable with allowing LGBTQ Trump supporters to have a float in the parade, given the problem I stated above.
  • Wait... Trump supports discrimination against the community? To which of his policies are you referring?
  • His VP does.
  • I'm sure that when the agenda to get a bedroom behavior civil protection is dropped, things will become more comfortable. Also, please be intellectually honest, descrimination isn't one-sided here. I've not seen a lot of tolerant people in the pride community. Especially collectively.
  • There is a reason why the political activists of the LGBT community are called the "Gaystapo". Because they brook no dissent from their far left ideology and don't seek tolerance and equality but instead demand full social embrace and special rights. This is not something they will ever get from most of society, so they seek to destroy those that disagree with them. For examples see Christian Bakers, Christian farms that hold weddings, and ANY business or person that donated to the pro-Prop-8 side out in California.
  • Name one of the "special rights" you're referring to.
  • Haha... I was going to say the same thing. He won't be able to name one.
  • Gay marriage: The right to marry someone of the same sex as you in order to obtain all of the legal benefits entitled to those who marry someone of the opposite sex. This is something that ONLY Gays can do. Contrast this with Traditional marriage, which is something that Gays already have access to, providing they are willing to marry someone of the opposite sex. Gays have the right to command private services over and above the religious expression rights of others. See example: Christian bakers, photographers, and marriage services providers. in NO OTHER CASE will another person's lifestyle choice grant them the ability to override your own religious sensibilities and command your service under pain of legal prosecution. There are two examples. I realize you may disagree with my reading of this, but be aware that a large majority of Americans see it this way AND there is a large body of legal work to back it up, despite the decisions of some lefty judges or what various Europeans might think.
  • How is gay marriage a special right, when straight people have the same right to marry someone of the opposite OR same sex if they choose?
  • They can't. Go try it.
  • Well by your logic gay people are just straight people Masqerating as gay for some sort of special rights that already have. So yes, they can. All they would have to do is turn on their gay, since it's all just a simple choice. See how ridiculous that sounds?
  • Also, gay people are not "far left" politically. They're pretty evenly distributed across the political spectrum, the same as straight people. Same with economic distribution, etc.
  • Yep. They also pay taxes, raise kids, run for political office on both sides, go on vacation, struggle with life's difficulties ect. You know... That whole gay agenda!
  • So "getting married" is a "right" afforded to both gay and straight people? What's "special" about either side of that?
  • Code for "Those queers want to act like they are people".
  • Nothing with that incident had to do with racism.
  • I'm not sure you know what "racist" means...
  • And no Facebook isn't shoving anything down our throats. You can post whatever you want on Facebook and nothing will be said. That is unless you are actually engaged in criminal activity. I'm constantly posting right wing libertarian stuff and I've never been banned or had post's removed. People need to get over themselves.
  • Hear hear!
  • yea sure tell that to the memes page that keep geting ban
  • People using Facebook as a political soapbox is why I got out years ago.
  • I think it's really awesome when folks share the rainbow! After all, it's the symbol of God's promise to never again flood the earth.
  • I don't trust him, he's lied before. And what's the word of a sociopath really worth anyway?
  • 😂😂😂
  • Lied? When?
  • more like to never thing to appear if he exist
  • Then you can answer the basic questions of creation all through science like how the laws of the universe were created or where the first piece of material came from to create the universe.....didn't think so
  • Well said.
  • Facebook isn't an American platform. It's a global platform. I would never use a stupid faux-patriotic American flag reaction, but I would definitely have use for an LGBTQ flag reaction. And kudos to Android Central moderators for getting rid of the homophobic comments. One of the many reasons I visit this site regularly is that you don't give the homophobes a platform to spew their hate.
  • What are the many LGBTQ Flag uses over American Flag the only use both can have are as MEMES they are both completely worthless and LGBTQ should be non existent
  • Gross
  • So you like censorship as long as you agree with it......
  • You all know the only reason for this article is to bring traffic in for the adds right! The abcdefg community is not the news here. ;)
  • Who cares? You do know you can skip articles that don't interest you right?
  • I don't care. Just laughing at everyone who is.
  • I believe that is the reason for ALL articles. This is not a non-profit entity.
  • Do you know if it's available in more countries than USA?
    I think it's only for USA Facebook users only, due to the fact that I liked the page and yet I didn't get a Pride reaction, even thought HOURS had passed.
    I live in Europe
  • It's interesting, as a male that happens to be gay. I honestly don't care either way. A flag is not the end all be all. If you like it hey more power to you.
    When I was in the army fighting over in Afghanistan and Iraq I was fighting for the ideas of the U.S flag not the flag.... I believe in the 1st Amendment and if you're a person that hates gays I believe you have the right to say it and I would fight for your right to say it in the public sphere.
  • what are the ideas of the U.S Flag to destroy the countries with resources to take the advantage so you dont dissapear from the map
  • Oh please, there is no country pure as the driven snow. Each country has its faults and skeleton in it's closets. I grew up in the DDR (East Germany)
    Under communism. While United States is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There's still a reason why Millions upon millions of people try to get to the United States. Because it might suck but it sucks a lot less than majority the countries in the world. And United States is a very giving country. When something happens a natural disaster in another country the American people give up their money and sometimes a lot will volunteer to help that country out there's not too many other countries that do. I know it's the cool thing to hate the United States but with all its faults it's still one of the better countries in the world.
  • Couldn't have said it better brother.
  • I'm a Desert Storm Vet, to me the US flag represents the struggle and the quest for everyone to be equal. Also to me the flag represents Freedom and Liberty. I'm so sick of people blaming the USA for all the problems in the world.
  • I'm with you brother! USAF 1985-1995.
  • Same here USAF
  • U.S Army 1985 to 2007
    Retired Sergeant Major.
  • I will never understand hate for someone you don't know. At it's very core it's idiotic.
  • Is it justifiable to overstate a behavior as hate when people aren't hated, only the agenda? I believe that the assumption that a bedroom behavior justifies civil protection and all of the other "protections" for this behavior, is what is hated, not people themselves. And to assume that all agree with Russell's definition of love is ignorant. I don't care for the Raiders but I don't hate Raider fans. It's also delusional for Raider fans to seek civil protection JUST because of they are Raider (or any other team's) fans.
  • Is it delusional to not want to have your head bashed in or fired from your job because you're gay? And let's not play games. I'm taking about hate, not disagreement. Folks can disagree with the idea of someone being gay and proud all day and all night. The kind of hate I mean is someone methodically disassembling the rights of one man to suit their own beliefs AS WELL AS a man who would attack a group of innocent people because of their beliefs. A 'bedroom behaviour' is none of my business. The way those people are treated outside of their bedroom is. I actually have a gay sister, so I know first hand what she deals with. I'm not just spouting knee jerk political narrative. I'm talking from experience.
  • Amen!
  • This guy gets it. Nicely done and thank you for your service.
  • I don't think it's a matter of hating homosexuals. It's the homosexual lobby that is forcing everyone to accept it, the total opposite of tolerance. But I like the way you think
  • There is no homosexual lobby, it's just people who believe in defending the rights and protecting the lives of all people from those like yourself who would harass, attack or murder them for being gay.
  • Not all but some of the gay community do try to shove it down people's throat. I'm a libertarian and I honestly believe that government shouldn't even be involved in marriage. ( that's another discussion for a different day) I've actually had hate towards me when some individuals find out that I'm gay. I don't wear it on my sleeve for the most part people never know.
    But also it helps that I'm 6'7" and if they wanted to say something they probably just keep quiet. But I also don't really hide the fact when someone asks me if I'm married I say yeah, I am and if they say well how's your wife? I'll correct them and say my husband but other than that that's about it. But the majority of the people honestly don't care they're just busy about going on with their lives and their family. It's an honestly a night-and-day difference from the 80s until now. About a year before I joined the Army. There was a couple people in my town that knew I was gay. About four or five guys jumped me broke my arm broke my collarbone and cracked four ribs. While were beating me they said take this you f'in ( derogatory saying for gay people) . So it does happen.
  • Most gay people just go about their daily lives as you do. You more than anyone should know the dangers of grouping a whole culture of people together like they all behave the same way. Every gay person I know gets up and goes to work everyday, comes home to cook dinner and pay bills. Nothing out of the ordinary really. So this notion that gay people shove their lives in people's faces is false. Gay folks ARE some of those people.
  • I tried doing this after the article last night and it never worked for me. So unliked and trying again now. I see a lot of people arguing for or against but nobody saying it they got it to work or not.
  • It works. Sometimes it takes a bit before it pops up in your choices though.
  • I just came here to read some of the comments and I'm pretty sure these funniest ones probably already got deleted.
  • God knew they might be fearful, so in His sweet mercy He made a covenant, a promise, to Noah and all the earth. In this covenant, God promisedunconditionally that He would never send another flood to destroy all life on the earth. ... In Genesis 9, God sealed His promise with a rainbow in the sky
  • But how is this flag reaction gonna MAGA??????
  • Never blinking worked
  • Why is this popping up again? Is someone paying you guys to keep this bumped to the top?
  • Is there a flag for straight ppl?
  • No, because straight people aren't oppressed or bullied for their sexuality.
  • Fire for all you fishes...
  • No thanks! I'd be ashamed
  • Its only a month people dont sweat it, after that we can get back to being ourselves. LOL
  • Ironically, the whole pride movement encourages everyone to be themselves proudly, whatever your orientation is.
  • Did AC always have this many trolls?
  • I didn't think so but now you know what topic brings them out in droves.
  • So why is it confined to a rainbow flag which **** have taken up as their icon? No thanks.
  • You're right. They should have put a KKK hat icon for people like you. Then you could feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Bye.
  • Step 1: Delete Facebook.
  • Did that a long time ago
  • I take it back. Does work and is really neat.
  • Sorry, please tell me how do I write the rainbow flag reaction emoji . Can you help me?