How to fix a shaking screen in Google Daydream

There are certain pieces of your phone or VR headset that'll make your virtual experience either great or downright terrible. One that most users are familiar with is pixel density: low resolution displays look like a screen door just a few inches from your eyes, so high-res displays are a must. Another factor that gets less attention is positional accuracy, since this normally just works. The sensors inside your phone know when you turn your body, so you turn in the virtual world. Those same sensors know when you stop physically turning, so you don't overshoot where you're supposed to be.

But all technology is flawed in a way, and some users report that their virtual world will start shaking erratically without the user actually moving their heads. If you've never had this happen to you, know that it's a really fast way to lose your lunch.

Here are some reasons your Daydream world may be torn asunder.

Why your Daydream screen is shaking

I haven't had this happen to me personally, so I can't offer reasons why this could occur. One user reports the screen starts shaking wildly only when watching VR videos, which shouldn't cause an issue with the phone's hardware. Another user noted it happened when a fan was blowing on the headset, which may be enough to mess with the phone's internal sensors. There's no official statement from Google just yet, and this doesn't seem like a widespread enough problem to gather more user data.

How to fix a shaking screen in Daydream

You'll probably rip the headset off of your head when things start going awry, and that sudden movement may be enough to fix the problem. One user reported that setting the phone and headset down flat on a surface for a moment is enough to fix the problem. Unfortunately, there's not enough data right now to suggest a permanent fix.

What say you?

Have you ever had your virtual world go all caddywhompus? Let us know what the fix was down below!

Tom Westrick