How do the bezels on the Galaxy Note 9 compare to the Note 8?

Bezels seem to be shrinking more and more with each new phone release, and compared to past Note devices, the Galaxy Note 9 has some of the tiniest bezels of its entire family. Then again, so did the Note 8.

The Note 9 and Note 8 are very similar-looking phones, but when it comes to bezels, which device takes the cake?

Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

I like the bezels on both the note8 and the note9. But, I'm liking the bezels on the note9 better. I like having the curve look along with a somewhat flatter look. Note8 was comfortable in my hand but the note9 is more comfortable in my hand. It might not be a major difference between the 2 notes but enough for me to like the note9 bezels better.


I've had the Note8 before the Note9 and haven't noticed a drastic difference in the bezels. I do like the Note9 better just like the above person said


I much prefer the bezels on the Note 9. The sides are slightly thicker which mean less phantom touches, and the bottom bezel is much smaller while the top is only slightly smaller.


What do you think? Does the Note 9 or Note 8 have better bezels?

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  • Why is this even an issue?
  • I don't know, bezel watch is real...
  • Hehe at least there is no strange dark stop-gap slab at the top.
  • Phone reviewers running out of stuff to talk about.
  • Exactly. People crack me up complaining about the smallest of bezels. God forbid we have something to hold on to. And then the ******** about notches. I've had 2 phones with notches and I never gave them a second thought. If anything, they gave a boring screen a touch of character.
  • If they could do this but without the curved edges I'd be all over it. Check out the new A7. That device looks soooo nice even compared to the Note9 or GS9.
  • The A7 looks nice, and even Samsung backed off a bit on the curved edge gimmick for the Note 9.
  • This article seems a little... Pointless. But I'll throw in my two cents. Samsung knows how to build a great phone, with a beautiful display and solid cameras. But I wish they'd learn what symmetry means.