How Android works on BlackBerry [video]

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So you really want to know how Android's going to work on BlackBerry? Sure thing. First off, apps look like apps, so far as the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen is concerned. App icons look like app icons. And from there, it all starts with the "Player" application. That provides the framework for the Android app to run, much like loading the Adobe AIR app on Android allows AIR apps to run. Same principle. If the Player's already open, apps will run immediately. If Player's not running, opening an app will fire it up first. Either way, it's seamless.

The demo this morning at BlackBerry World was, actually, pretty darn smooth, and it's starting to look like a pretty smart move on RIM's part. Question remains how many developers will hop on board. But after seeing this demo, we have a feeling the number's going to quickly grow.

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Phil Nickinson
  • This is nice! I still miss my blackberry tour but love my evo & dinc.
  • hmmm not bad at all. I still need to check out a playbook at some point though. Haven't gotten my hands on one yet.
  • This is Good, works the way I imagined it to work however it seems it won't be able to multitask with android apps.
  • wow its nice...good for them Black Berry is spiraling downwards so its good they have a awsome product that'll help them make some money and get back on the market
  • Google and RIM have alot to offer each other. What's why the RIM's BING announcement is so disappointing.
  • Why would developer have to get on board? They said right in the video that they just got standard apps from the market with zero changes.
  • They have to submit their apps to app world for them to be included. That means going through the process an extra time (Android Market, Amazon Market and now Blackberry AppWorld). My assumption is because android apps can't go through the standard Android install process and be functional on the Playbook.
  • If the Playbook can run Android apps so seamlessly, why would anyone bother to write a native app for it? This failed strategy is exactly what IBM did with OS/2 vs Windows. Since OS/2 could run Windows apps, developers just focused on Windows.
  • Just a heads up. Bing is on the Blackberry at the OS LEVEL! =0(
  • So let me get this a Playbook (vs the Transformer,Xoom,etc) to run Android Apps?
  • LOL, this is exactly what I was thinking. If I want to run Android apps, I'll just buy an Android device. Except for enterprise level security features (for the time being) BB has little to offer over Android. Their web browsing is mediocre as are their apps.
  • Wow..... that was scatter-brained, lackluster, and outdated. Yes... definitely a Blackberry product!
  • I'm sorry but I don't see the excitement for this at all. This is pathetic RIM needs to have android apps on their tablet to convince people to buy the damn thing. I wish RIM would just give up completely.