How Android works on BlackBerry [video]

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So you really want to know how Android's going to work on BlackBerry? Sure thing. First off, apps look like apps, so far as the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen is concerned. App icons look like app icons. And from there, it all starts with the "Player" application. That provides the framework for the Android app to run, much like loading the Adobe AIR app on Android allows AIR apps to run. Same principle. If the Player's already open, apps will run immediately. If Player's not running, opening an app will fire it up first. Either way, it's seamless.

The demo this morning at BlackBerry World was, actually, pretty darn smooth, and it's starting to look like a pretty smart move on RIM's part. Question remains how many developers will hop on board. But after seeing this demo, we have a feeling the number's going to quickly grow.

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Phil Nickinson