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What you need to know

  • Kojima Productions just released Death Stranding back in November 2019.
  • Hideo Kojima held an interview with Famitsu.
  • In the interview, he shared that Kojima Productions is working on multiple new projects.
  • One of these projects is a "big game."

Hideo Kojima of Kojima Productions held an interview with Famitsu for the magazine's February 6, 2020 issue. In the interview (translated via DualShockers) Kojima gives some hints about what is next for him and his studio.

Kojima says that Kojima Productions is now working on multiple new projects. Some of these could be smaller titles, like digital-only or episodic games, while at least one of these is a "big game." Kojima hopes to work on these smaller games and the larger project simultaneously. Kojima also stated that Death Stranding was well-praised but that like with Metal Gear Solid or P.T, there were some criticisms, which he hopes to use to improve.

Kojima Productions just released Death Stranding on PlayStation 4 back in November 2019 and it is coming to PC later in 2020. With that in mind, we probably shouldn't expect any major updates on anything the team is working on anytime soon.

If you haven't tried out Death Stranding yet, you can read our review right here. Jennifer Locke, our PlayStation lead, wrote in her review that "The opening hours are such a slog that I wanted to quit several times, but every time I was about to put the controller down, I was fed a morsel of something amazing. Death Stranding dishes out these moments sparingly, always knowing exactly when to do so."


Death Stranding box art

Death Stranding

Build bridges at your own peril

It doesn't work for everyone, but that's part of the beauty of Death Stranding. Every weird and unconventional aspect serves a purpose, even if it's seemingly meaningless. The star-studded cast and production value certainly don't hurt, either.

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