The latest content update for Fortnite — the 9.20 patch — is out today, and with it comes the introduction of a brand new item that will allow players to control the in-game storm that moves during play. The Storm Flip item is an item that when thrown, will create a sphere-shaped zone upon impact. When that sphere overlaps with the storm itself, it will create a storm zone that lasts for 20 seconds, and deals the same amount of damage as the current storm that's happening in-game.

The latest patch also vaults the Hunting Rifle, in an effort to cut down on the long-range options in the game, and due to the Hunting Rifle become a bit obsolete thanks to the Infantry Rifle, that's in the game now.

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You can check out the full list of changes to the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite below, and jump into a game now to check out the changes:

Storm Flip

  • Thrown item that explodes on impact and creates a sphere-shaped zone.
  • Where the sphere overlaps the storm, it will create a safe zone.
  • Where the sphere overlaps a safe zone, it will create a storm zone.
  • The Storm Flip deals the same damage as the current storm.
  • The zone lasts for 20 seconds before dissipating.
  • Drops in stacks of 1.
  • Max stack of 1.

Loot Carrier

  • Reduced sniper package availability from 12.5% to 8.45%
  • Reduced explosive package availability from 12.5% to 7.04%

Mounted turret

  • Overheat now takes 20% longer.

Other Changes:

  • Increased max charge time on Boom Bow from 1s to 1.25s
  • The Slipstream's audio, pink ring, and spinning blades turn off when disabled during the fifth phase of the Storm.
  • Players revived from a Reboot Van will lose invulnerability upon shooting or building.
  • Air Vents are now more forgiving in order to prevent fall damage when players jump on them from high places.

For a full look at the list of updates that hit Fortnite earlier today, make sure to head over to the Epic Games blog and check them all out, as there are quite a bit across all three game modes.

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