The latest content update for Fortnite - the 8.50 patch - is available today, and brings with it a highly anticipated crossover with Avengers: Endgame, as well as some new weapon fixes and a tweak to one of the functions in the game.

Of course, the biggest part of the 8.50 patch is the inclusion of the Endgame limited-time mode to coincide with the release of Avengers: Endgame. In the mode, players will be able sorted onto two teams (Hero and Chitauri) and will have to fight each other to either secure or defend the six Infinity Stones. For a more detailed breakdown of the Endgame mode, make sure to check out our post covering that.

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Outside of the Endgame mode, there haven't been many changes to the game, aside from the Hold to Swap functionality being tweaked a bit.

You can check out the full list of changes to the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite below, and jump into a game now to check out the changes:

LIMITED TIME MODE: ENDGAME: Thanos and his Chitauri invade the Battle Royale island, in search of the six Infinity Stones.

  • Endgame features a team of heroes fighting to stop Thanos and his Chitauri from claiming all six Infinity Stones.
  • Both teams respawn when eliminated until the other side completes their objective.
  • The Hero Team Heroes respawn when eliminated until the enemy team has found all six Infinity Stones.

Weapon/Item Changes:

  • The Hold to Swap functionality is now confirmed upon releasing the Use button rather than when initially pressing it.
  • This should help with the issue of accidentally swapping.
  • If a player is eliminated by fall damage while inside a vehicle, the player that last damaged that vehicle will receive the credit for that elimination.
  • Re-enabled hit markers to be server-side authoritative instead of client-side.
  • This will help prevent instances where players see hit markers but no damage.
  • Players that were Rebooted into Rifts were teleporting into the sky but would not enter skydiving mode.
  • Vehicles weren't getting impulsed away from the Reboot Van.
  • Collision for the Reboot Van was not affecting some vehicles, allowing them to hide inside of the Reboot Van.

For a full look at the list of updates that hit Fortnite earlier today, make sure to head over to the Epic Games blog and check them all out, as there are quite a bit across all three game modes.