Here's how to download the Android P Pixel Launcher

Android P's first developer preview is here, and while there's a lot that remains unknown, it's still exciting times in the world of Android. The overall look of Android P seems to be mostly the same compared to Oreo, but one area that has seen a visual update is the Pixel Launcher.

In Android P, the Pixel Launcher now has an outline around the Google search bar and your dock that moves up as you swipe open your app drawer. It's a small change that doesn't add any new functionality, but it is a sleek look.

Current version (left) and Android P version (right)

Along with this, you'll also find a new microphone icon on the search bar. Tapping the icon brings up the Google Assistant, and while I still find squeezing my Pixel 2 to be faster, it's a nice touch nonetheless.

If you want to get the updated Pixel Launcher on your phone now, all you have to do is download and install this file. I got it to work just fine on my Pixel 2 running Android 8.1, and Droid-Life reports similar success with the Essential Phone on its 8.1 beta.

Current version (left) and Android P version (right)

The launcher is just as fast as the current version with Oreo, but I noticed that the "Wallpapers", "Widgets", and "Home Settings" icons are visible behind the app drawer when it's open for whatever reason.

If that doesn't bother you, have fun with your updated home screen!

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Joe Maring

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