HBO Go and MAX Go updated with HDMI video out support

The long-awaited feature of HDMI video out is finally making its way to both the HBO Go and MAX Go Android apps. Users that have a a cable subscription including HBO or Cinemax can now connect their phones to TV's and monitors for video playback from the apps on the larger screen, without any restriction. This is a big deal for such a large content provider to offer the functionality, which really shouldn't have been left out in the first place.

You can grab a download of the latest version of HBO Go a the Play Store link above, and you can find MAX Go right here (opens in new tab) as well.

Thanks, CarlD!

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • would it not work with normal screen duplication? was it being blocked? Couldn't that be gotten around?
  • It originally blocked it. If you had an HDMI device and tried to play something out wouldn't work until you disconnected it.
  • is that device dependent at all?
  • I am shocked that they didn't take this opportunity to make the Max Go app, tablet compatible. HBO Go has been for a long time and they are both basically the same app. Epic fail!
  • I am sorry to report to anyone who cares that suddenly, HBO Go is not supporting iPhone and iPad viewing on HDMI-capable TVs. This became impossible a few weeks ago. Now all you hear is audio – but no picture. I reported this three weeks ago – and it is now the end of May, 2015. Still no word from HBO GO.