Have questions about Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G? We've got answers

It's been a couple days since we last checked in. And in that time, most of you have upgraded your Evo 4Gs to Android 2.2. Also in that time, lead form mod Cory has amassed a stunning number of tips, tricks, bug reports and, well, basically everything you could possibly think of when it comes to the Froyo update on the Evo 4G.

Battery life. Browser performance. Gmail. Camera. Apps. Music. Bluetooth. Rooting. Just about anything you can think of is there. If you've upgraded already, it's a must-read. Heck, read it even if you haven't upgraded. Read it aloud. Read it to the kids at bedtime. It's that good.

Evo 4G Froyo update questions and solutions

Phil Nickinson