Hands-on with SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 for Android phones [AC @ MWC]

Those of you who came to Android from Windows Mobile likely are familiar with SPB Mobile Shell. And the boys and girls from St. Petersburg are back with Version 5.0, which will be released on Android in the coming months. This isn't a ROM-integrated like HTC's Sense UI, and that has advantages. Because it's not as deeply rooted in the Android ROM, SPB can push out an update whenever it pleases, just like any other application.

Really, you need to watch the video to see what all it can do. Keep in mind that what you're seeing is a beta application, so the animations will get smoother. More after the break.

Phil Nickinson
  • Interesting...I think I prefer the new Helicopter view on the Sense upgrade tho.
  • I really liked SPB Shell when I was with WinMo.... I just want more home screens on the Droid!!....
  • Just want to say I love this website as it's always up to date with Android news...keep up the good job :) I'm a Tmobile user waiting for the HTC "Desire" to drop in the U.S., or the Nexus 1 to cut its price in half for family plans. No way should a loyal 9+ year customer have to pay $530 for a smartphone. I was about to cancel my service but then I got a Desire itch...
  • Why is $530 too much to pay for the best smartphone on the market right now? The price of the phones has nothing to do with customer loyalty. All phones have their set prices, and you eventually end up paying that full price or even more because the monthly cost of T-Mo's contract plans is $20/month ($30/m for family plans) more than the equivalent plan off contract. That extra $20 adds up over two years. That discounted contract price, even for new customers, is just an illusion. I know $530 seems like a lot to pay upfront but it's worth it because you actually end up saving a bit of money after two years. The way I see it, T-Mo wants all their loyal customers to be off contract on the cheaper plans anyway. They know you are getting some of the best prices available anywhere so why would you leave? If you did want to leave for some reason, though, there wouldn't be a contract forcing you to stay either. It's a total win for most customers to pay full price for their phones and get an Even More Plus plan. That's just my perspective on the whole deal though. I love my N1.
  • I'm sure what he means is that its not available on contract for family plans at a discounted price. He's probably in contract now and can upgrade and keep his current plan and just pay a discounted price for a phone. I understand your argument. It is a lot to throw down on a device though sight unseen/no real tech support (Except for here, woot!). Since the desire will most like land in stores, it may suit them better because they can touch, feel, play with the device before buying, and also get it at a family plan discount. I have to admit, I don't know much about T-Mo, I am a CDMA customer (I love my Hero... for now) and will be for some time to come.
  • Since when is $530 a "fair" price for a smartphone? I know
    Google's contract is subsidized and you end up paying more, but most people don't want to shell out $530 for a phone, especially those who have been with T-Mo for 9+ years...I haven't switched to gay iPhone but we still get shafted when something comparable comes out. All I'm saying is they need to set a better price range if they want to really compete with the iPhone. I can get that POS 3GS for $199 on a new contract and I bet it wouldn't cost more than $299 to get the 4G. sign this :)
  • looks really cool, any videos of the helo look for the sense gdubmedia?
  • they should make an app switcher similar to their homescreen switcher...that would be amazing
  • whats the disadvantage of not integrating into rom?
  • That's a nice interface. This is the way all the companies should do their custom UI's. Then their customers could get timely OS updates when Google releases a new version of Android. That would make a lot of Android owners happy I'm sure.
  • Same old: No timeframe set. I know it takes time to develop something, especially something as graphically involved as this. But even if you give a ballpark of 2H, thats a 6 month window! I don't honestly believe anything anymore with a ballpark release date. I see to many things going wrong and lack of support coming to companies who don't have timeframes set.
  • Q2'2010. Most likely June. Is that fine for you? :)
  • Not sold. If it ain't broke why fix it. This feels like a developer needing to attach to another OS platform since WinMo is sucking so bad these days.