Hands-on with the Nexus One (Update: Now with more N1 video ...)

Update: Well, would you look at that. Now the right video and all of the pictures are there. What happens in Vegas ...

Walk into the Digital Experience - Pepcom event that helped kick off CES (follow all of our coverage at AndroidCentral.com/CES, and sure enough, there's the Google Nexus One, front and center. They're shipping now (some of us have them in our hot little hands already), and there were plenty on hand for fondling. And fondle, we did.

Is it the perfect smartphone (er, Superphone, says HTC)? That's up to you guys to decide. But either way, it's fast. It's lean. It feels good in the hand. The live wallpapers don't slow the N1 at all. We watched as the voice-to-text feature -- which lets you dictate into any text field -- worked even in a crowded event room. We watched as the Snapdragon processor held on despite multiple demos (which often spell doom for any new smartphone). And we watched as it wowed most everyone in the room. Plenty of pics (and some video) after the break.

  • HTC doesn't say Superphone, Google says superphone.
  • "(...and some video)" Where's the video?
  • I agree. This finished product is what a smartphone should be. The battery is amazing. Speed excellent. After seeing Engadget's review and using my own. I'll never trust them again. For instance. The browser speed o. WiFi is NOWHERE near as slow as their review had it. Mines blazes the competition. This phone hasn't slowed down or stuttered once. I have Widgets galore on here. So with this high tech, and apparent support for future upgrades. I'll be holding onto this for a very long time.
  • I agree with your comments. I just received mine today and I have tried hammering it to a crawl by spawning multiple app installs from the market, having a voice phone call, checking my calendar, switching screens, and I cannot get this phone to stutter and stall. It's truly amazing in real life and faster than my girlfriend's iPhone 3G S. Yes...I said it...faster than the iPhone...no joke! I hate a slow phone and although I could have purchased that iPhone a long time ago, I'm glad I waited for the Nexus One. It's a terrific phone!
  • I'm glad I didn't make the jump from T-Mobile to Verizon like I originally planned. This was worth holding onto my G1 while everyone got the latest and greatest.
    I can honestly tell people I have a small computer in my hand. With 1Ghz processor, 512MB ROM, TRUE desktop experience and choice. I actually have a smaller netbook almost! But yeah, I honestly wonder what Engadget was doing...because the fact that my browser blazes and their stuttered like that makes me wonder very much. Not to mention, even IF it did go that slow...the fact you can scroll and click before that bar is done makes it irrelevant. That's the main thing...when can I start scrolling and zooming to look at the info I have.
  • I don't get why these iPhone people feel the need to think every phone put out is all about them. Its almost like feel suckered, so they have to downplay every android phone out there.
    OK, no multitouch. How does that compare to no multitask? And a bunch of other shit.
    Why don't y'all comment ob apple topics, maybe you'll be heard to fix all the shit that's wrong with the iphone
  • Not sure if it should be called a superphone just yet. It doesn't support multitouch even though it has the capability. Just one more reason y the iphone is the overall leader. the apps is what stands out between both android and apple. the quality of apps available are much better than what is offered with android's market.
  • I personally dont understand the high regard in which people hold multitouch. And to consider it as a feature that is thwarting the "rise" of android seems rather ludicrous to me. That being said this phone looks sweet and I'm glad its going to lead to bigger and better things for all android platform users. I can wait to get 2.1 on my drooooid.
  • I don't get the appeal of multitouch either. Unless I'm typing something longer than a few words, I typically operate my Droid single-handed, leaving me unable to multitouch in the first place.
  • Android does support multitouch. Some apps use it, such as Dolphin Browser. The Google-made apps do not use it because IT IS PATENTED. They choose not to violate the law, and you blame them for that. You should be upset that your favorite company, Apple, are patent trolls and patent obvious stuff. Pinch to zoom is great. Don't get me wrong. But pinch to zoom is so important that you want to pass on true Universal Search, awesome speech to text IN EVERY APP, Google Voice, Navigation, then go right ahead.
  • Multi touch is no big deal , I had an iphone and far prefer the Nexus one to an iPhone, the iPhone is old news. and if you really must have multi touch , just download the Dolphin Browser and you will have it . This phone smokes the iPhone hands down
  • That's all good, but the dam thing doesn't support AT&T's 3G band! So on AT&T's network, your data will be slugish at best.
  • It wasn't designed for AT&T so why should it? iPhone doesn't support T-Mobile 3G and the G1 doesn't work on AT&T 3G either.
  • Been waiting for something to pull me off a Blackberry for years. Hoping this is it. As well as the BB's handle messaging (which is mostly what I use my device for) I do get a little jealous when I see friends using their various other smartphones in ways the BB just can't be used efficiently. Mostly it's the multi media limitations of the BB....mostly.
    I know things are supposedly changing or will change by the end of the year (2010) for BB. I don't know I want to wait that long and as well as with any new smart phone or new OS for a smartphone I would expect to see some issues at first. From experience with Blackberry software updates I would say there is a good chance that there will be a good year of trouble shooting the new OS (supposedly 5.1.x.x)before it is actually usable and reliable on a daily basis.
    I was really waiting for something along the lines of an HTC Touch Pro2 styled device running android but after reading tons of literature and reviews of the N1 I am very intrigued and can't wait until it is an option through Verizon. Also maybe time for me to jump into the future and get used to a touch screen.
    Have a Storm as my Back up BB and actually for the most part I love using it but it is completely due to the large screen and ease of navigation that you get from getting rid of the trackball/trackpad/D pad. Can definitely due with out the Storm's limitations as far as memory and processor speed, also not sure I would trust the new Storm2. Still plenty of complaints about it over on the Crackberry forums. Honestly it doesn't seem as bad as the first Storm in that it doesn't seem to have as many issues per device but just as many devices have the same couple issues. Avbout the same amount of complaintse and returns seem to be happening. Anyway, can't wait to get my hands on an N1 and give it a go!
  • Why is the xperia video posted here?
  • Same reason half the images load pictures different in the thumbnail.. general fail..
  • Phil, it lloks like you guys accidentally embedded the xperia x10 demo instead of the nexus one demo. Ooops!
  • My Nexus one comes tomorrow . I am a current Sprint customer with the Sprint HTC Hero , but this phone looks so incredible to me I have to have it . I am just hoping T mobiles service is as good as Sprints service otherwise there is no point in owning such a nice phone that I cant use . Can anyone tell me what to expect with there serice in the New York and upstate NY areas ?
  • @sjcea Right there with ya. I have Hero on Sprint, and my N1 comes tomorrow too! I'm in Indy, though, and their 3G seems to have us covered pretty well. I've been on Verizon, Nextel (before merger,) Cingular/AT&T, and Sprint for varying lengths of time...but never T-Mobile. This will be a new adventure for my wife and I, but they beat Sprint's pricing (month-to-month family plan with unlimited text + web is only $109.99/month! BEFORE employee discount!) Precisely why I bought N1 unlocked rather than on new contract. More cheese upfront, but you avoid contract and save in end! Super excited.
  • It just dawned on me what Google just did…
    One phone, very desirable. But essentially the SAME DEVICE for multiple carriers. T-Mobile & Verizon, I have to assume Sprint & AT&T will be included. One device on both Cellular spectrums CMDA & GSM.
    It’s an official Carrier war. T-Mobile has the best price, Verizon has the best coverage, the other two are somewhere in the middle…..This will be good for the consumer in the end. Competition will drive down prices.
  • Once the droid gets 2.1 N1 doesnt have to much on it
  • When I first saw this phone I thought "Oooh sexy kit!" Then I looked up the specs and I almost needed a change of underwear except for one thing... the trackball! A freaking trackball? Why on earth would they take such an awesome phone and hamstring it with such a fallable moving part? Did they not learn anything from Blackberry? The trackballs break and fall out fairly regularly on the Blackberry so I hope this one is more secure as it does not look even slightly like it can be end user replaced.Maybe a smaller touch surface in it's place. I'm a big fan of no moving parts, less stuff to go wrong. Still it'll hold us over till they bring out a phone with multi touch. Heck my Storm 1 [Can't wait to ditch that puppy] even does a rudimentary multi touch so why not this? I hope by the time my contract with Verizon is up I will have the option to get something equally sexy through Verizon or I will need to switch to T-Mobile just to get a better Android phone cus the Droid is Uh-Glee.
  • I LOVE the trackball !! but you dont have to use it if you dont want to , but it does come in handy for some things such as certain games , makes them far easier and much better to play , its about the only time I use it but thats enough reason for me to have it there, at least we have that option
  • Are you guys forgetting that the Sprint HTC Hero has multi-touch? I can use pinch-to-zoom and stuff like that.
  • Let's also not forget that Sprint's Unlimited Any Mobile Any Time Individual plan for $69.99 a month beats out any Tmo Unlimited Individual plan they have. It depends on what you want, but I just want to clarify that Tmo is NOT the cheapest option out there for everyone...
  • I'm so glad I waited to buy an Android phone until one came out with everything I wanted. The N1 is sweet! It has the fastest cellphone chip available right now. It has twice the RAM of the X10. It comes with stock Android 2.1 rather than some custom UI so it should be faster to get updated when Android gets updated (won't have to wait for custom UIs to be rebuilt). The 3.7" AMOLED screen is great. I'm happy it doesn't have a physical keyboard since I can't really use them anyway. It was the perfect phone to replace my old dumbphone.
  • um i cant believe how slow it is in the vid watch it load android central my droid loads in a few seconds.....so much for snapdragon
  • The Nexus one looks pretty cool, and the Nokia N900 looks even cooler! Complete with linux command line terminal! Hooray!
  • Okay, Now we have to wait how can play it with market. I think it will stay out of my reach.