Hands-on with the Nexus One (Update: Now with more N1 video ...)

Update: Well, would you look at that. Now the right video and all of the pictures are there. What happens in Vegas ...

Walk into the Digital Experience - Pepcom event that helped kick off CES (follow all of our coverage at AndroidCentral.com/CES, and sure enough, there's the Google Nexus One, front and center. They're shipping now (some of us have them in our hot little hands already), and there were plenty on hand for fondling. And fondle, we did.

Is it the perfect smartphone (er, Superphone, says HTC)? That's up to you guys to decide. But either way, it's fast. It's lean. It feels good in the hand. The live wallpapers don't slow the N1 at all. We watched as the voice-to-text feature -- which lets you dictate into any text field -- worked even in a crowded event room. We watched as the Snapdragon processor held on despite multiple demos (which often spell doom for any new smartphone). And we watched as it wowed most everyone in the room. Plenty of pics (and some video) after the break.

Phil Nickinson