Submit feedback on your browsing experience with Google's latest Chrome extension

Eager to give some feedback on Chrome for desktop while you're browsing away? Google has released a new extension for just that purpose called "Chrome User Experience Surveys."

The extension is fairly straightforward, requesting that users submit a brief survey after certain triggers are tripped. According to Google, users will be prompted with a survey after the following events:

  • After visiting an HTTP or popular HTTPS website
  • After you see an SSL, malware, or phishing warning
  • When you install an extension

If you're worried about incessant pop-ups, Google says that the extension limits the number of survey requests to a maximum of two per day, with a cap of four per week. Additionally, the extension limits the survey period to 120 days, uninstalling itself after the time is up.

If you'd like to participate and offer up some feedback straight to Google, you can hit up the link below to grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Download Chrome User Experience Surveys{.cta .large}

Dan Thorp-Lancaster