Google sends out more invites for Inbox; current users can invite more friends Thursday

Google is giving out more invites to join its new Inbox party. The app, based off of Google's Gmail service, allows user to better manage and deal with emails in a new layout. So far, the service has been by invitation only, and fortunately Google is sending out more invites now. Additionally, the Internet giant announced that current Inbox users will have more invitation themselves to send to friends starting Thursday.

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In a Twitter message, Google wrote:

Invites away! And, on Thursday, Inbox users will get invitations to share with friends. We'll let you know when.

Have you had a chance to play with Inbox? What do you think of Google's viral strategy to create hype?

And if you're still curious about the service, be sure to read our own Phil Nickinson's thoughts on Inbox.

Source: Twitter