Google says software is to blame for HTC EVO 4G LTE glitches in Google Wallet

Google has confirmed that a software issue is to blame for the HTC EVO 4G LTE and its Google Wallet woes. Previously we reported that many users were experiencing a problem where the app was said to be unsupported or in an unsupported country, and Google says this is all caused by a software issue on the phone itself. While there was no mention of when to expect a fix, Google assures that it's fixable in software, and is working with HTC and Sprint to rectify the issues. This all hashes up pretty well with Google Wallet Support's previous statements, and we hope to see a fix come out soon. 

Source: The Verge

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • 20 bucks says it's Sense.
  • No way I'm taking that bet.
  • Birdturbo- makes SENSE to me
  • Of course it is. You could give me 100:1 odds and I wouldn't bet against you.
  • Hahha, so that's why it was working fine and then it stopped working. Because sense became self aware and started deleting all non-sense apps.... Thanks Google.
  • What Google meant to say was that the reason that they blocked Google Wallet was because of the software on the phone. It seems like this phone has been cursed from day one. The botched launch, the multitasking woes, and now, Google Wallet. Sense is probably the problem here as well. Could HTC and Sprint at least give us an ETA on a fix? Geez.
  • Works fine for me... Huh
  • Another Android, another glitch. Is anyone surprised?
  • Another troll, another useless comment. Anyone surprised?
  • ...speaking of useless comment
  • if it's "software" problem, I doubt it's on the phone end....since you can change a couple of lines on the phone to make googles servers think it's a *different* phone, and it works fine.
  • Sense is a shitty piece of shit
  • You can edit your build.prop to make it work fine. Just make it think it's a Galaxy Nexus.