Google responds to Steve Jobs' comments on activation numbers

Apple held an event yesterday that introduced new iPods and the new Apple TV. [See complete coverage at TiPb.] CEO Steve Jobs was, of course, on stage and didn't hesitate to take some shots at Google and Android. 

Eric Schmidt stated last month that 200,000 Android devices were being activated everyday. That's a staggering number and shows how fast the mobile OS has grown in the past year. Jobs wasn't so certain that the numbers were accurate.

Quote from Jobs yesterday:

"We think some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers"

Obviously directed at Android, Google responded quickly, confirming the stat and clarifying what numbers they tally:

"The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services."

Jobs took a couple other shots at Google at the event; perhaps he should get his facts straight before he attacks the competition. It's good to hear a clarification from Google, though, as no one was really sure what exactly counted as far as activations. [Fortune]

Turned off the comments because you guys just can't help yourselves, can you ...

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Sean Brunett
  • This just in: Steve Jobs is an insecure tool.
  • Dead on
  • Sheeesh get a life S.Jobs
  • Tool!
  • It think this tells us that.. a) we agree that Steve is insecure and his shareholders have him by the nutz b) apple users don't care about understanding or getting the most of their technology, unlike android (and blackberry too!) users which know, understand and get the most of their technology c) a good guess: google android phones will easily overtake iPhones within the next year
  • Hell yeah, google android will do it big
  • I love the back in forth by both companies, it creates entertainment. However, I don't like false information being fed to the masses in the process.
  • Wth! Smh at Steve. Why would he talk down on the competition!? He don't have enough money in the back to just take it in stride? Insecure is TOTALLY right!
  • A wise man once said, they only comment about the ones that are a threat. It is a compliment that Steve takes the time to worry about Google. You don't worry about those who are not threats.
  • To be fair Google does the same thing to Apple.
  • When you bring up the competition during your own product unveiling you are showing just how frustrated you really are. By making these comments he is showing the strength of Android and how much of a threat it is to IOS, and just how much it is getting him :)
  • But we know that the iSheep will swallow every word of his poison
  • Get the poison out of your system Raven.
  • In Steve Jobs defence, he tried to call Google to get more information but his G4 iPhone kept dropping the call.
  • Thats funny. He should have not heald the phone that way. Maybe we can get him a free bumper. LOL
  • Steve should not open his mouth about upgrades. Virtually ALL sales of iPhone4 for the first two months were upgrades to iPhone 3G/3Gs customers. AT&Ts new subscriptions to SmartPhone plans were very very tiny during that period. Everybody who had been waiting patiently for that phone realized it was nothing special and by the time the waiting lines cleared out the upgraders antennagate hit and huge numbers jumped to android.
  • I like how he says that Google is counting upgrades, when he goes around bragging 1.7 million iPhone 4's sold in 1 day. How many of THOSE were upgrades? What pisses me off is that Jobs can say anything he wants and he knows his followers will take it as words from God and will blindly follow him as he leads them to a cliff, takes all their money in the process and says that if they jump they'll get a pre-order for the new iPhone 5.
  • What pisses me off is that Jobs can say anything he wants and he knows his followers will take it as words from God and will blindly follow him as he leads them to a cliff, takes all their money in the process and says that if they jump they'll get a pre-order for the new iPhone 5. Well said. Said funnier here:
  • Over 75% of iPhone 4 sales were upgrades.
  • Agree, like in this video:
  • The Apple iPhone. A phone made by idiots, for idiots. I love how Apple can't defend themselves and go to attack other companies instead of taking the heat.
  • ditto.. "i" is for idiot
  • Agreed, the iPhone is the smartphone for stupid people,
  • That's what he / apple gets for signing such a long exclusively (CRAPPY) ATT agreement its coming back to haunt them now.
  • I think that apple number is high because every time Jobs sees an iPhone 4 he rubs one out on it then has to go get it replaced.
  • Yup keep your friends close, but, your enemies closer! Ha ha I have my DX now and still get asked iPone questions at work.
  • I'm loving all the android fanboys circle jerking each other off in this article.
  • Sorry the creator of your iPhone is a fucking retard and can't take heat for producing a bad phone that has a bad antenna and drops calls. Then goes out and produces videos where they have to FAKE other phones failing the same way. APPLE iPHAIL for the win!
  • Dude seriously? The top of the site says android central....
  • Yeah, that never happens with Apple products.
  • When he says upgrade, does he mean update? Like I have an evo, and I'm being counted twice for when I bought it with 2.1 and also for when I updated it to 2.2? Otherwise, I imagine all companies count upgrades, and they should. When I buy a new phone, I buy a phone I want, I don't feel obliged to to buy a phone because it has the same OS as my previous one. Upgrades in that sense are better, I'd say. Sure somebody may buy a Droid because it looks cool, but if they buy another Droid the next time they are eligible, they bought it because they liked the experience they had with the last one. You can confuse me into thinking the phone I never used is cool if it isn't, buy you can't confuse me the phone I currently use is cool when it isn't. Repeat customers are a better indicator of satisfaction than anything else. Also, since Steve is saying "iOS" activations, doesn't that mean he is including iPod Touches too? I remember he tried pulling this nonsense awhile back.