Google is reportedly pulling all of the Android games in the Android Market in South Korea because laws in South Korea mandate that all games, of any kind, be reviewed by the South Korea Gaming Board. To expect the South Korea Gaming Board to individually review the thousands of Android games available is a little unrealistic. The choice to remove Android games is an undesirable solution for all parties involved but it's better than having no Android Market in South Korea at all. Luckily, since Android allows you to sideload applications from third-party sources, South Korean Android users may still be able to gain access to some 4,000 games in Android Market. 

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South Korea definitely needs to lighten up on its policy of reviewing every game that's available in the country. Two of their country's biggest companies, Samsung and LG, have fully endorsed Android and to inadvertently limit the features of Android damages those companies. Plus, to have no games on your phone's application store in 2010? Crazy talk! [via unwiredview]

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