Google reaches 1.3 million device activations per day, install base at 480 million

Eric Schmidt has made his presence known at the Motorola-Verizon event in New York City by appearing on stage first and as such, he decided to go ahead and share some of the latest numbers for Android activations and installs. The number has grown significantly over the years and has now moved past the 1 million mark and is now tracking 1.3 million device activations per day. To go along with that, Schmidt also noted Android now has an install base of 480 million users and the Google Motorola relationship will only help that to continue to grow from here on out.

  • 1.3 million activations a day. MOTHER OF GOD
  • Glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time wrapping my head around 1.3 million NEW devices going on line every day. I would love to know how many of those are new-new activations (as in, not an upgrade from an old phone). I bet it's in the 60-70% range.
  • Even upgrades generate a spare phone that gets handed down or put to some use, or resold on e-Bay or to one of the private used phone buyers. 1.3 Million new devices is on top of a significant pile of old phones that get handed down. Unlike Apple, which props up their sales by buying back used iPhones to take them off the market or sell them in India or Vietnam.
  • Google has stated in the past (when Steve Jobs accused them of this) that none of the activations that Google counts are from upgrades. I know of no good way to prove this, but this is what they claim.
  • 100% are new activations. Once a phone is activated, it's never counted again. It's based on device ID's
  • 500,000,000 devices in two weeks from now. HALF A BILLION ANDROID DEVICES...... That's a milestone right there....
  • This is why I tell my iPhone friends and colleagues that the iP5 won't matter against Android. I read that they expect 10 Million iP5's to be sold the first week. That will still be 3 MILLION *LESS* than the number of Samsung Notes\GSIII's, One X's, and E4GLTE's sold. Apple slips further and further into the PC\Mac dynamic each time they rehash their product lines.
  • 10 million sold in first week, and 10 million sent to the desk drawer. Apple is eating its young these days. Its very lucrative, but its still preaching to the choir.
  • I'm still wondering what an install base is.
  • I believe that is the total number of devices that have been activated to date. This would be from the beginning of Android and not necessarily currently active, at any rate, its a huge number with developers take note of.
  • Now that you mention it, it makes sense. Thank you.
  • Install base normally means devices currently in use. So that would mean almost 500 million phones, tablets, etc with some form of Android OS on them. I'm guessing that also includes Kindle Fires since its still Android. A more interesting number would be how much the install base grows every day. Some, probably most, of those 1.3 million daily activations replace older devices.
  • According to Google, they only count devices that are registered through the Play store. So Amazon, Nooks and most Chinese devices are not counted, according to them. I find this hard to believe, but that was their claim.
  • I know we'll probably never see it, but I'd love to see a breakdown on what type of devices are being activated. Big difference between a Galaxy SIII and the POS tablet running Android that came with my HP printer that never gets touched.
  • What tablets come with a printer? WTF are you talking about?
  • HP made one printer that used Android to run a mini tablet as the touch screen interface for the printer. This was before the Palm purchase. I don't believe that this device had access to the Play store, so theoretically it would not be counted by Google.
  • We do know to a degree. It's *only* devices with the Google Play Store on it that count, so only devices that are approved by Google. That does not include the HP Tablet that came with your printer, the Amazon Kindle Fire, or the Nook Color, or any of the cheap tablets in China. Also interesting is that it was also stated that 70,000 Android tablets are being activated each day (again, only tablets with the Play Store count). That means 26 Million+ are being activated per year. Not on the iPad level yet, but getting there, as the iPad is selling about 50 Million per year. But Android is gaining.
  • Great minds! Yea that is a stunning concept on the tablet sales given the history thus far. This would count all of the Android based Car Stereos, Google TVs (Imbedded or STB) appliances, that do access the Play store though.
  • Wonder if that includes non-phone\tablet devices such as Google TV boxes and mini Android PC's such as the MK802ii\Z902 Etc..?