Google Play now offers section for games that can be played offline

Google has now set up a section of its Google Play Store devoted to games that can be played offline, in an apparent attempt to give Android device owners a choice between those types of games and others that require an online connection.

While many of the titles listed in the Offline Games section do have online multiplayer features, such as Minecraft, Asphalt 8: Airborne and others, they don't need a cellular or WiFi connection to play other parts of their games that are meant for a single player experience.

It's likely that Google added this section into Google Play because there were some customers who downloaded games that could only be played with some kind of Internet connection, when they really wanted to have something to play on their phone or tablet when such a link was not available. What do you think of Google offering this kind of new section in the Google Play store?

Source: Google Play

John Callaham