Google Play Music All Access comes to several new countries

Google has just expanded its All Access music streaming service to several new countries, primarily across Europe. Building on the first European expansion that brought the service to nine countries in total, seven more countries now have All Access:

  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Liechtenstein
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Switzerland

That brings the total number of countries with Google Play Music All Access up to 19, and the only country that has access to Google Play Music and not All Access now is Germany. That's not bad considering that All Access only launched this May, and the deals with record labels to distribute music are often tough to secure.

Source: Google Support; Via: Android Police

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • When is it coming to several new platforms? Where is the iOS app? :/
  • You actually think Apple would approve an app from Google that would let users buy content (music) from Google instead of Apple?
  • Yes.
  • Enjoy your wait.
  • I use Cloud Play on iOS to listen to All Access.
  • I do, and while it works at streaming music just fine, it's missing quite a few needed features. Particularly saving an entire playlist for offline listening and adding songs to playlists.
  • WHAT ABOUT CANADA HOLY GOOGLE! We've waited long enough Posted via Android Central App
  • Seriously. With all the other music services available here, I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm guessing, though, that it's not Google's fault.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Chances are that you have the CRTC to blame.
  • crtc does not control stuff like this
  • Agreed, eh. This is a stunning commentary on how broken our copyright system is here. Barely any music streaming options, a neutered Netflix, and levies on blank media, etc. Posted via Android Central App
  • Really that bad? The copyright industry really needs to be wound in, they're the record industry version of patent trolls. Posted via Android Central App
  • I am interested to see a comparison of what content is allowed where.
    When I did a quick comparison between Australian and US Spotify the difference was very noticeable.
    What does that mean? The best service is generally VPN+US-any-service.
  • F*! Still not Canada??? Motorola were such a-holes to Canada, now Google?
  • You really think that Google doensn't want to offer the service (or any other service) to Canada? Surely they're trying to make the content deals to make this possible, and the labels (in this case) aren't playing nice.
  • Not to mention the neutereneutereneutered flix service available up North. This is a Canada problem, not a Google problem.
  • Steve Aoki!!!!!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Tomorrowworld
  • Canada HOLY I want it now been way to long shit Google Posted via Android Central App
  • Holy CHRIST I want this service to come to iOS. ITunes Match is shit. Posted via Android Central App
  • Forced to have google play music on my htc one now on 4.3 even though I can use the service to buy music. This latest bit of news shows that only thing Google wants from Canadians is our data, nothing else. Why doesn't Rdio, MS, or Itune doesn't have issues providing this service in Canada but Google does. Doesn't make sense at all. 75% certain that i'm going back to Iphone. At least I can use my Hotmail account with them with no problems. Honestly, it seems that android is becoming less & less open source since they are forcing google apps down our throats regardless if you want to use another service or not.
  • The joy of Android is that there is nothing your forced to do. If you can't do it on android its because you haven't researched it well enough. Hotmail works VERY well with the Stock E-mail app and if you really want All Access do as I have done and set up an american billing address with you international credit card. No body is forcing anything down your throat. There is always an alternative like Cyanogen or Paranoid. Stop whining and solve your own problems.
  • While I don't agree with you that Android is closed since you can in the end do anything you want with a bit of research, I think you hit the nail on the head. Canada has some pretty strict privacy laws.
  • ^ tell me about it, Canada has some of the loosest media policies out there, Russel Brand humor (I hate him) is acceptable in Canada while it isn't in America, we get brutally raunchy comedy here that Americans don't understand and makes movies like Superbad look like a childrens flick. You want strict policies? Go to Malaysia, you can't even watch Fast & Furious movies there and can't get games like SWTOR and GTA. Dealing with Motorola is a nightmare once they find out you're in Canada, they just plain won't help you. I talked to them over the phone and over their website and email when I had problems with 2 of their devices before and they just blow you off. Anyways, yeah, short end of the stick, especially that we're neighbors with America and support them with lots of things.
  • We get the same media in Canada as the US for the most part. We can't get a lot of streaming due to crtc rules. I suspect that Bell and the CBC hsve more to do with this than Google.
    As for Motorola, you need to be more clear, do you mean Motorola Canada or Motorola US. They are separate companies.
    Complain to your government if you want things to change regarding streaming music. Complaining about motorola on a blog isn't going to get you Google's music service at all. And all of this is separate from the "neighbors [who] support them with lots of things" line
  • Oops, meant Forced to have google play music on my htc one now on 4.3 even though I can't use the service to buy music sorry.
  • what the.. You'd think Google could at least leak some indication of why it is taking so long to roll out to Canada. The silence is irritating.
  • You're not alone. Many European countries (including mine) have an extremely boring Google Play where all you can get is apps and books. Nothing else, what so ever.
    And all that the oh-so-highly praised Google Now does is show me the way to my work every day. And the weather. That's it.
    Things just seem to work a lot better in the US... Posted via Android Central App
  • In Poland it's still unavailable as well - so not only Germany :(
  • Wondering if artist available in Russian store is accessible to US users of All Access?!
  • "and the only country that has access to Google Play Music and not All Access now is Germany." Not bad?
    Google is loosing it.
    They fight a battle against the GEMA on the back of the consumers. This is ridiculous, and a shame for an international company. Some examples that offer such services already for years in Germany: Spotify, Deezer, myJuke. Lately a lot more offer it, like carriers for including in their plans, and even some electronic stores (Saturn, Media Markt). Don't get me wrong, I don't like that GEMA crap, but it looks very suspicious that even small companies can offer services like that, and Google can't. Maybe the German market is not that interesting for Google. Economically it is the biggest market for music in Europe. So again I'm wondering. That leads me to the thinking that they fight their battle over YouTube fees with the GEMA and holding costumers in Germany hostage for putting pressure on them. I for my part going with Deezer. A European company that cares about Europe and magically has no problem to pay the GEMA-fees for their services.
  • big WOW from Hungary!!! 8)
  • Just wish All Access and Google Music in Brasil... Android dominantes the market ad still nothing...
  • to com vc cara!
  • Why not Canada?? Posted via Android Central App
  • I think I kinda figured it out, whichever countries bug the hell out of google in terms of Privacy, they won't bring music there. So, Canada and Germany will be SOL. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  • Germany and Canada do have strong privacy laws, which I think is a good thing, but I don't see what that has to do with music licencing. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm glad their expanding outside of the US but I'm still upset that after all this time there's still no support for Jamaica or the rest of the Caribbean even though we are neighbors to the US and Google (and other US companies like amazon, ebay, etc) can conduct business transactions online (credit card) from Jamaicans without problems.
    The other side is the copyright and IP limitations (country blocking) from providers but not all providers and I think Google can open their services in Jamaica and let the providers decide if they will limit or block content. We want Books, Movies, TV and Music too dammit!!!
  • What about Sweden?! :( Is it because we have Spotify..?