Google Play Gift Cards

Japan has joined the exclusive list of countries offering Google Play gift cards for sale. According to Google's support site, the cards will be available in ¥1500 ($15) , ¥3,000 ($29), ¥5,000 ($49), ¥10,000 ($97), ¥15,000 ($146) and ¥20,000 ($195) denominations, making Japan's cards the most valuable.

The introduction of such a high denomination is a curious move, since Google Play gift cards are currently limited for use with books, music, movies, TV shows and magazines, not devices. So with the top-level ¥20,000 bundle you're looking at an awful lot of digital content.

In addition to Japan, Google Play gift cards are also available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany in a variety of sizes, most between $15 and $50.

Source: Google support; via: TNW