Google Music sync on its way?

It has been long rumored that Google will release a cloud-based music service that will integrate with Android, with Google having showed off a preview last year at its Google IO dev conference. 

And now a device that claims to run Gingerbread also appears to have a Google Music option in the Data & Synchronization menu. Whether this is a feature we will see with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) or one that we will have to wait for remains to be seen. It is exciting to see that the rumored "Google Music" may come to fruition sooner rather than later. Many of us have been searching for a viable cloud based service that syncs easily with our devices and Google Music could be that; then again, we don't know much about it yet, so stay tuned. [GizmoFusion via Engadget]

Update: Oh, yeah. Forgot. That's a feature that shows up when you install that leaked music app. So not really new, just forgotten.

  • Now here's something to peak my interest in gingerbread. Up until didn't seem like there was much change in it over froyo.
  • This option first showed up when I installed the unreleased Music app for Honeycomb.
  • A Google Music Library will be crucial for Android to compete against Apple now that i*hone is spreading to at least one other carrier.
  • This will open a lot of doors, can't wait to see this in action.
  • I think this will be a great idea for a lot of people and to compete with iTunes. Although, personally, I think it is totally unnecessary- I just copy what I want onto the phone and I am done.
  • is meaningless if its cloud-based only... the whole cloud concept is highly overrated.
  • Disagree completely. I haven't downloaded or copied a single song since I started using Rhapsody. Why bother with managing media when you're always connected to the source?
  • interesting...I have this already on my vibrant running Nero V4.1. Don't have a use for it yet, but I have it. Books sync too. **update: now that I think of it, it's probably because I'm using the leaked first party music app and books sync because I'm using the google books app
  • I realize that google would need some serious storage space for this, but what we really should have by default is, have our phone sync our photos when we take them to google's servers incase we lose our phone with the SD card. The Palm Profile does this. We should have it too. Photos are on the list of the most important data on our phones.
  • My photos automatically upload to picasa
  • I realize there are other services such as this but my point was, it should be by DEFAULT so it happens when you first get the phone automatically without the help of a third party service. And have it sync to your gmail account for a unified experience.
  • Baby steps, everyone. Google could throw something buggy together and serve it to us in a few months but I'm pretty sure that would only add to the growing list of Android's "personality flaws" and then we'd all be whining about that. Lets remember that its Google's business to make long term projections about what'll make our favorite OS all the more cool in the near AND distant future. The overall greatness of a feature like this might not be fully realized for another year or more, but when its the most awesome and rich featur of it's kind, we'll all be grateful for this baby step.
  • I use audiogalaxy. It is cloud based (I'm not a big fan of the "cloud" either.) but it streams all my music that are mp3's to my phone (albums, art, etc.). This way, I don't have to use precious storage space to store my music. The only caveat is that your PC has to be on in order to stream as your music stays on your HD and the audiogalaxy app acts like a push/pull server.
  • don't confuse streaming from your own hard drive and cloud based. Clouds are much more convenient because your computer doesn't have to be online for it to work
  • It is in a sense cloud based. It has to cache your collection to it's servers which pushes it to your phone. Without it, you can't access your music.