Google movie rental rolling out for the wifi Motorola Xoom

We'd been hearing some reports of Motorola Xoom wifi only tablet owners seeing the Google Videos app in the Android Market, but now we're also hearing that the actual market tab for movie rentals has been enabled after an Android Market update.  We're not sure just why the service wasn't made available for the wifi only model along with the 3.1 update, but we have to assume it was licensing and DRM issues at play once again.

Anyhoo, it seems like that's all sorted out and if you haven't already got the app and the Market update, you should soon.  We can't rush the latter, but we can give an easy download link for the app -- find it after the break.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • There are those 3 letters again "DRM". I still cannot get FIOS on Demand to work on my Xoom (4G). Have been told that it is a DRM issue. It works on my Droid2 Global. Any ideas when I can get it on my Xoom?
  • How long until it's on the Transformer?
  • Blue Crush 2!!! \m/
  • Cannot install In Canada... says not available in my country :-(
  • I'm typing this on a Verizon Xoom and can confirm there's a Movies tab in Market. There appears to be only one movie available to rent right now, and it's triple the price of a Redbox rental. Yawn. Wake me up when this thing can run Netflix.
  • I would much rather have Netflix.... Waiting....
  • It's looking like Hulu Plus might be the way to go... I know they're working on Netflix, but honestly, they've been removing alot of titles (heard something about VIacom nixing the rights Netflix had been given to their stuff)....and even then on a portable device you can't even access all the titles you can on a PC. Bummer. Really excited about how awesome Google Movies may one day be, though their selection at the moment is less than mediocre. Still happy at this little tidbit of news for my Xoom :)