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The latest Google Maps update has now appeared in the Google Play Store and shows the app has been bumped up to v6.11.1. After the last update, many HTC Rezound users had issues and were forced to downgrade to an earlier version so this might be a fix for that given Google hasn't really posted a changelog for it as of yet. In fact, it looks like they simply reworded the last one:

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  • See borders of cities, postal codes, and more highlighted on search.
  • Browse a day-by-day display of where you've been using location history.
  • Improved transit information layer and added the ability to browse by mode of transportation.

If you happened to have any issues with the older build, go ahead and give this one a shot and see if there is any changes. We'll keep an eye on the changelog and see if Google adjusts it in anyway and update if necessary.

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