Google Maps update adds elevation data, graduates scale bar and zoom buttons from Labs

Although Google most recently pushed out a critical bug fix for Google Maps, they've wasted no time un rolling out the next update. The changes are fairly small in nature, but for some folks it may improve the usage of the app overall and that's always a good thing. As noted in the Google Play Store, the changes this time around are:

  • Elevation data added to "Measure" Lab
  • Scale bar and zoom buttons graduate from Labs into Settings

The update is now live in the Google Play Store, so hit the link below to get updated or just simply fire up the store on your device and head to you're "My Apps" section.

  • FYI- "fire up the store on your device and head to you're "My Apps" section." Should be your (not you are). Great to see elevation added.
  • whenever u correct someones grammar just remember no one likes u or gives a f@ck about it.
  • I do, on both counts, actually. Also,
    *you You're welcome.
  • aahaha! Nice!
  • It's about time scale bar and zoom are out of Labs. I had to reinstall maps the other day after switching ROMs and the first time I used the app I was wondering where those zoom buttons went. I couldn't believe they were in Labs when I went to re-enable them. The "bubble buttons" need to be out of Labs as well IMO.
  • Google play link didn't work =/
  • Try it now on "My Apps" section of your play store.
  • Man, I certainly hope that this "Improvement" is better than Garmin. Their top of the line GPS tells me, variously, that I live between -198 and +265 feet above sea level. And, the numbers slowly change while I am just sitting in the car waiting for the family to get in. It runs up and down the scale over time, even on a perfectly clear day with an unobstructed view of the whole sky. I just happen to know from my Geologist wife that we actually live +34 feet above sea level. Brother! And, I also care about good grammar. It make is SO much easier to read, and lends an air of education and common sense to the writer's comments. My 2 cents.
  • *It makes it
  • The accuracy of elevation has very little do do with the application- it is just reporting what the GPS computes from the signals it gets from the satellites. In the *best* case, your vertical accuracy will be about 2x worse than your horizontal accuracy, and the best case is when your GPS receiver is getting measurements from satellites near the horizon (very, very unusual in a typical GPS use case). You can look up all the really boring math, but you're limited by geometry, physics of signal propagation, and to an unknown extent the quality of the receiver, not the app. If you do start looking at the math, you may be quite amazed at what GPS can actually do, given you're receiving signals from devices IN ORBIT AROUND THE PLANET.
  • Is anyone else having issues when not being able to zoom in? I can only zoom down about half way when compared to the old version. **EDIT - If you have this issue, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It now works. Pretty cool new features. ***Evo 4g
  • Hope they eventually add some damn good topo maps.
  • Elevation sweet!
  • yay this is my boyfriend's 20% project :) more awesome features for elevation coming soon!
  • I can't get the "navagate" bubble back. Does anyone know how to do this? When you brought up an address, a "labs" add-in would have a nice little icon (the blue arrowhead) on the right side of the address bubble. If you tapped the arrowhead it would directly launch the navation app with directions to the address from your location. Nifty in that it skipped a handful of intermediate steps (nice while dirving using the voice search feature). I can't seem to find the option anymore...