Google Glass Mirror API now open to all developers

More developers can start making Glassware

Although we're closing in on an official launch of the Glass Development KIt, Google has just opened up the Mirror API for all developers to make apps with. Far less versatile than the upcoming GDK, the Mirror API is a limited tool that lets developers create apps for Google Glass that plug into a few different features of the headset. The API was previously limited to certain developers that expressed interest in the platform, but its now open for everyone to take a swing at make Glassware.

Even with the GDK on the horizon, having the Mirror API be completely open is a good move in the right direction. We're still at a preview stage for the GDK, meaning it could again be some time before all developers can get their hands on those new tools. Ready to take a look at making Glassware now that the API is out of developer preview? Now's the time.

Source: +Google Developers; Google Developers

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