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Google gives app developers more merchant information

Google has introduced a new monthly report to give developers on the Android Market more information about users of their paid applications. The reports will contain information from each purchase, but will not contain any data that could be used to individually identify users. Instead, basics like what device was used and what currency the purchase was made in will be recorded. 

The March 2011 report is up for download right now, and Google will be making past months' data going back to January 2011 available in the coming weeks. In the future, Google expects to release the data on a monthly basis with each month's data being released by the 10th day of the following month. [Android Developers Blog]  

  • Thank the gods for this! I've have been nagging Google for this report for half a year, and they have generated it manually for me every month. In the EU, unless you are from the UK, it is simply impossible to do your taxes (correctly, following all laws and requirements, surviving an audit) without some of the details from this report. It could be generated from the custom reports they had on offer, but those were limited to 500 records, and thus not very useful if you have a lot of sales. The only snag so far seems to be: if I download the report from my merchant account... it's empty!
  • Hey Google: how about checking whether a credit card has expired or is invalid before allowing them to purchase an app? I've gotten quite a few reversed purchases from invalid cards....I'm suspecting they're pirates :-P