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After promising imminent launch last week, Google has flipped the switch to turn on in-app billing across the Android Market. Developers can now choose another source of revenue as an alternative to charging up front or relying on advertising in the apps themselves. A number of games such as Tap Tap Revenge (pictured - read our hands-on from the Honeycomb launch event here) and Gun Bros already support the service (along with Comics; Deer Hunter Challenge HD, WSOP3, and Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe), and more developers will certainly add support in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Check out a couple more pictures past the break. [Android Developer Blog]

  • It's about time...
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  • your mom must be so proud
  • Funny thing is, thanks to intelligent moderators, you're not first now.
  • I hate that if I have a credit card saved on google checkout, no password is asked to purchase anything! Major fail!
  • I'm tired of passwords. Put one on your phone if your so concenrned. You worried some thief is gonna steal your phone and just have to have angry birds adfree?! Edit :fail is even worse than first!!
    EDIT: I haven't played this is ages since like Tap Tap 2. Well, I am dispoint.
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