Google Contacts gets shortcut for sending money with Google Pay Send

This past February, Google finally started implementing its big "Google Pay" re-brand. Android Pay became Google Pay, and Google Wallet was turned into (the terribly named) Google Pay Send. Now, thanks to an update to Google Contacts, it's getting a convenient integration with the latter of the two services.

First reported by Android Police, Google's slowly updating its Contacts app with a new shortcut for quickly sending money to friends and family. It's found in the row of icons for calling, texting, and emailing your contacts, and tapping it reveals the same UI found when sending money to someone within Android Messages.

After tapping the "Send" button, you choose how much you'd like to send off, choose "Send Money", and you're done. There's currently no option for requesting funds from a contact, but it's a nice integration nonetheless.

This was first seen in Google Contacts v2.5, and it appears to be rolling out as a server-side change.

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Joe Maring

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