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Google CEO says 200,000 Android devices activated every day

When last we heard from Eric Schmidt back in late June, the Google CEO was dropping the bombshell that some 160,000 Android devices were being activated every day. Fast forward to, well, now, and that number has hit an even 200,000, Schmidt told reporters Wednesday at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, Nev. And that's doubled since the 100,000-device figure Google gave us at its IO developer conference in May.

And for those of you worrying about if Android actually costs Google money, Schmidt say mobile search ad revenue "easily pays for all Android development." So it's got that going for it, which is nice. [@gaberivera via Unwired View]

Update: Video from TechCrunch after the break.

  • Caddy Shack references are where its at.
  • Is that the "total consciousness app"?
  • Sick stuff... you'd think everyone in the world would have enough Android phones by now.
  • hey guys, the A, N, D, R, O, I, F, T, and W keys on my computer keyboard are wearing out. what shall i do?
  • Woow that's crazy...well now my EVO has froyo and all I can say is wow, my phone is faster n smoother and I looove the web experience even more so Google keep it up
  • Are these numbers worldwide or just for the US?
  • World-wide. But just think about it, that's 6 million a month or 24 million per quarter, or HOLY FREAKIN' COW almost 100 million a YEAR?!?! Aren't we getting near Nokia figures with that amount or does that beat even them?
  • Sorry dude but each quarter has 3 months so thats 6 million a month, 18 million a quarter and 72 million a year, give or take a million.
  • LOL at myself. Hey, it was late. Thanks for the adjustment.
  • These numbers show that not even an iPhone launch is going to stop Android from gobbling market share. I absolutely love this. 250,000 a day is right around the corner.
  • I'm all for Android but what kind of claim is this? And over what span of time? Like Sharon said, that's 6 million a month...... are you serious?? How is this possible?
  • Well, check out this other remark by Schmidt. "Schmidt specifically cited the Droid X as a reason for the recent Android surge." So from June to the beginning of Aug., there was an increase of 40,000 per day? 40,000 per day times 30 days is 1.2 million and most of this was the Droid X? Holy Crap! No wonder they thought they had enough stock to satisfy, but couldn't!
  • This is totally possible when you consider people with multiple phones, and the number of teens and pre teens that are getting phones now. Add in the number of people who are switching to or upgrading their existing Google hardware and you have this. Ask Microsoft how this is possible. Look at the hundreds of millions Windows 7 licenses they sold.
  • I agree. There's no reason to doubt its possible. Look at the rates of some other platforms like BlackBerry. They didn't get where they are selling one and two phones here and there lol. Fact is I think some people think its impossible because we have gotten used to these iPhone launch numbers always being tossed around. People prematurely just "gave" the market to Apple. Well now the real heir to the smartphone throne is on the scene and it seems unreal because everyone was used to the little numbers the iPhone was putting up. Welp time for the iFools to concede that Google came from behind and blew them out of the water.
  • true but how many android phones are there seems like 100s Google did it right just make the os and have the people who actual make phones handle that part palm should have done the same with web os.
  • In 2Q09 handset vendors shipped ~269.6 million handsets, a figure down from 302.2 in 2Q08.
    Won't let me link so google it =/ There are roughly 7b people on the planet earth according to the united nations.
    Won't let me link so google it =/ As of March, There were 4.6b mobile subscriptions world wide.
    Won't let me link so google it =/ 6 million a month and 100 million a year actually sounds low given the growth of smart phone interest. But Android's growth doesn't surprise me since the range of devices and costs paired with Android's high level functionality make it an ideal platform for a wide range of interests. my $.02
  • I also just read an article comparing it to Symbian sales which are the largest in the world. They sell (all types of phones included, not just smart) 300,000 per day. Android is now challenging the world leader. :D
  • Where did all the talk of Android not being profitable originate from?
  • Probably from Apple
  • Whoa, this can't be true. As an Apple fan, I can not and will not believe it, I thought nothing can best Apple. I guess they need to make phones with bigger GB's or custom phones with Steve's signature on the back:P
  • not many being activated in Switzerland though at least with Orange. My contract just renewed and the only up to date new phones I can have as an existing customer are an iPhone 4, a Blackberry or windows mobile. There's no option for any current android phones and calls to Orange don't get any help. ...... should have cancelled my contract ......
  • Well, I think that some of these activations are me trying out new ROMs on my rooted Eris...
  • Every handset has a esn number associated with it. They can tell if the same phone has being activated more then once. So I really doubt that Google is counting multiple activations on the same phone in the numbers they are releasing. But who knows. If anyone thinks that, then the same can be said for the Iphone.