YouTube gets 60fps live streams and HTML5 playback

A short while back Google added 60fps playback to YouTube, and now the company is bringing that feature to live streaming as well. This feature is now available on compatible HTML5 browsers, and allows for "silky smooth playback for gaming and other fast-action videos." Additionally, Google has added HTML5 playback for live streams, a feature they say has been long requested.

As of this week, YouTube live streams will use an HTML5 player in supported browsers. And because our HTML5 player supports variable speed playback, you can skip backward in a stream while it's live and watch at 1.5x or 2x speed to catch back up.

Content creators can start their streams in 60fps, and Google will also create a stream at 30fps for devices that are not able to play back the higher frame rate. These are the latest additions from the YouTube team, and they say there are plenty more to come soon.

Source: YouTube Creators