Google begins testing paid Market apps in India

Word comes from the world's largest democracy that a select few users are beginning to finally see paid applications in the Android Market (the above picture is from an Indian HTC Wildfire). Google appears to be merely testing at this point, so there is no word on when all Android users across India will be able to spend their hard-eared cash for games, utilities, and the like. This should help app developers as a whole, massive new market is going to be thirsty for quality apps as well as incentivise Indian devs to develop for the Android platform. 

It is easy to forget that paid apps in the Android Market aren't yet in every nation where Android phones are sold. In fact, outside of the United States and western Europe, Japan is the only other nation where users can buy paid apps officially. It is good to see Google working to add more nations to this list, but for those still waiting, we are sure paid app support can not come soon enough. [] Thanks to chandan for the tip!

Update: Add South Korea to the list of paid apps.

  • Why can't they buy apps?
  • For some reason google has not enabled paid apps in India.
  • Market isn't working for me now!!! Am I only one?
  • Sorry if double post... I believe Canada also has paid Market apps.
  • Currently only a handful of countries in Western Europe can access paid apps through Market. I live in Sweden and we have no access to paid apps, only the free ones. The same goes for Finland and Norway.
    This is nothing but a disgrace since the situation deprives app developers of a large income dayly. The only solution this far is to steal software, which is quite easy. Personally I do not like to resort to piracy since the app prices are very reasonable, but there is currently no other option available for me and tens of thousands of Android owners. I think that Google needs to address the issue sooner rather than later, since it will become very hard to get users to stop pirating software once they have grown used to it.
  • Paid apps are now available in India on the Android Market
  • Not only have paid apps been enabled but also the market as a whole has been updated to allow things like automatic updates and a separate comments tab with a rating system. All this is now available without rooting or using custom roms. Not to mention the opening up of a HUGE market like India to developers.