Google apparently tried to quash Samsung's Galaxy Store with 'Project Agave'

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10
Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • An amended complaint filed by Epic Games against Google alleges that the search giant tried to quash Samsung's Galaxy Store as part of "Project Agave."
  • The allegation was made in a complaint filed by 36 states against Google earlier this month.
  • The complaint alleged that Google made a "direct attempt to pay Samsung to abandon relationships with top developers."

Google used anticompetitive practices to quash Samsung's Galaxy Store as part of "Project Agave," according to an amended lawsuit filed against the search giant by Fortnite developer Epic Games. The allegation was first made in a complaint filed by a coalition of 37 state attorney generals earlier this month.

However, the Complaint filed by 36 States and the District of Columbia alleges that Google then sought "a different implementation toward the same anticompetitive goal" as part of a new effort, "Project Agave."

As per the antitrust lawsuit, Google felt "deeply threatened" when Samsung began revamping its Galaxy Store and made attempts to "preemptively quash" it. To prevent the Galaxy Store from becoming a strong competitor to the Play Store, Google allegedly leveraged revenue share agreements with Android OEMs that prohibited them from pre-installing alternative app stores on their devices. The lawsuit also alleges that Google attempted to pay Samsung to abandon relationships with top app developers and "scale back competition through the Galaxy Store."

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Google published a blog post claiming that the complaint "mimics a similarly meritless lawsuit filed by the large app developer Epic Games." Wilson White, Google's senior director of public policy, pointed out in the blog post that most Android devices ship with two or more app stores preloaded.

In its lawsuit against Google last year, Epic Games claimed Google "forced" OnePlus to abandon a deal to preload a Fortnite launcher on its best Android phones. A similar deal with LG to pre-install the Epic Games app on its Android devices was also apparently blocked by Google.

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  • Unlike other OEMs, Samsung also makes it own apps to compete with Google such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Internet Browser, Samsung Gallery to name a few. Samsung phones come installed with both Samsung & Google apps
  • Well I'll be darned... first I'm hearing about this...
  • Samsung apps are truly quite good, every bit as good as Google's like apps, in some cases better. The only disadvantage I experience is they do not work in a browser as Google apps. Samsung apps must be accessed from Samsung devices as their phone, tablet, computers. Again, I am speaking about Samsung designed app, of course the Google Play Store contains a gazillion more non-Samsung apps.
  • Does the galaxy store really need help being an also ran?
  • I think you may be overlooking that It did not have to turn out this way. Maybe without Googles alleged anti competitive behavior samsung would have tried harder and been able to make it work. Unlikely probably, but we'll never know.
  • The Galaxy Store is actually ok and like it but it pales in comparison to the Play Store in apps.
  • "Wilson White, Google's senior director of public policy, pointed out in the blog post that most Android devices ship with two or more app stores preloaded." Do they?
  • Yep, most Android devices are from Samsung lol.
  • I think it's stupid to have more than one play store on Samsung devices. I have to use both of them to do updates = STUPID
    Especially when they both want to update the same app with two different sized packages!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Which one is the correct update?
  • Google isn't doing jack for tablet app. Samsung had to get clip studio onto Android which they had to push from their app store. Yeah we have multiple app store but there's a reason for it.
  • Android Tablets suck and that is down to Google but then Android was never really designed for tablets and Chrome OS is a better fit for tablets and while Samsung's efforts are admirable, they are fighting a losing battle and if I was to pick a tablet (I sold my S7 Plus) I'd pick an iPad, it's simply a better tablet than any Android tablet currently with far better app support and selection.
  • your words hurt my tab s7+ feelings.....
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  • I wish I could disable the Galaxy Store as I don't use it at all.
  • In your short article you have seven incidences of the dreaded word that. All can be eliminated making your sentences and paragraphs read and flow much better. Reading all those that words is similar to hearing a speaker continuously repeating "ah" "um", ad-nauseam.
  • several incidences of the dreaded word that what exactly?
  • the galaxy app store quashed itself long time ago. It is riddled with cloned apps and malware. examples in links below. Such apps were reported to Samsung support and, you guessed right, nothing happened.
    This is not a surprise, as their support is notoriously poor and inept.
  • Jesús Christ that's bad.