In a win for unified inboxes everywhere, a fresh version of the Gmail app for Android is now rolling out with added support for Exchange accounts. Google announced the rollout on Twitter, while showing off Exchange support in action.

Gmail rolls out Exchange support for all

After installing the update, you should be able to add any Exchange account to Gmail with just a couple of steps. Simply select "Add Account" from the settings menu, select "Exchange" as the account type and enter your information.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft's Exchange is a type of email server that remains a popular choice for businesses. Now that Gmail includes baked-in support, those who are tied to Exchange for their work communications will be able to easily keep an eye on their work and personal email within the same app.

It should be noted that Exchange support appeared to be available on previous versions of the app on certain phones, but not others. Today's update should mean Exchange accounts will work with Gmail across all phones.