German judges say Motorola Xoom doesn't infringe iPad design

Apple is locked in legal combat with many Android manufacturers, with a range of tactics being used to try to keep iPad and iPhone competitors off store shelves. In Germany, Apple's had some success using tablet design patents against the likes of Samsung, and it's also attempted to use the same tactics against Motorola's 10.-1inch Xoom.

However, today a court in Dusseldorf, Germany ruled that Moto's tablet does not infringe upon the iPad's design patents. Specifically, NASDAQ​ reports that the judges decided that the shape of the Xoom's corners and back were enough for it to be distinguishable from Apple's tablet. It wasn't a complete win for Moto, however, as the court also dismissed a counterclaim from Motorola that Apple's design patents were invalid.

Moto was ordered to pay one third of costs, with Apple being told to pay two thirds.

Source: NASDAQ

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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