Genshin Impact: Where to farm Sakura blooms and more in Inazuma

Genshin Impact Farming In Inazuma Sakura Bloom
Genshin Impact Farming In Inazuma Sakura Bloom (Image credit: Android Central)

Genshin Impact just got its biggest update yet, allowing players to travel to Inazuma, the nation of the Electro Archon. As you travel through Inazuma for the first time, you will find a wealth of new resources unique to the area. While some of these resources aren't terribly important yet, some are absolutely necessary for ascending characters and completing quests. Fortunately, we've trekked across the whole of Inazuma and know exactly where you need to go to farm these valuable resources.

Local specialty resources in Inazuma

As is the case with Mondstadt and Liyue, Inazuma also has local specialty resources. Currently, there are six local specialties in Inazuma: Sakura blooms, Naku weeds, Crystal Marrow, Sea Ganoderma, Onikabuto, and Dendrobium. While these resources are plentiful, if you need several in a hurry, we've mapped out the best places to farm them.

Where to farm Sakura blooms in Inazuma

Perhaps the most important resource on the list, Sakura blooms are electrified blossoms from the Sacred Sakura of the Grand Narukami Shrine. These petals are necessary to ascend the long-awaited character, Ayaka, and they're a common ingredient in Inazuma recipes, so you're going to want a bunch of them. Fortunately, there are over 60 to be gathered ever other day.

Sakura blooms are found exclusively on Narukami Island, concentrated around the Sacred Sakura. They show up as purple clouds and when an Electro attack is applied, the petals can be collected. These blooms, like other local specialties, respawn 48 hours after they've been collected.

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Collecting every Sakura bloom requires trekking across the whole of Narukami Island, but there are a few places where you can get a bunch at once. The Grand Narukami Shrine itself produces a dozen Sakura blooms, and though you could just fast travel there, you can also find seven more on the walk up the mountain. Once you've completed the Sakura Cleansing Ritual world quest, you can travel down to the roots of the Sacred Sakura, where another five Sakura blooms can be gathered. You can gather seven more Sakura blooms in the ruins of Araumi and another dozen Sakura blooms can be collected in and around the Kamisato estate.

There is also a portion of Inazuma that isn't accessible yet. When the remaining islands are released, we may even be lucky enough to have a merchant selling Sakura blooms.

Where to farm Naku weeds in Inazuma

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Another electrified plant, Naku weeds have medicinal properties and can earn you some handsome rewards if you get them to the right NPCs. It has also been suggested that the upcoming character, Yoimiya, will use Naku weeds in ascension, so players who are planning to pull for her would do well to stock up ahead of time. Fortunately, there are several places to farm Naku weeds.

If you're already farming Sakura blooms, you will find ten Naku weeds around the Grand Narukami shrine. However, the bulk of Naku Weeds are found in and around the Mikage Furnace in Kannazuka. Over 20 of these plants surround Tatarasuna. Then, you can find another seven weeds along the Musoujin Gorge on Yashiori Island.

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Additionally, you can purchase a handful of Naku weeds from Aoi, the NPC who runs Tsukumomono Groceries in Inazuma City. Each week, she will have five for sale, and like the general good stores in Mondstadt and Liyue, she will offer you a discount if you raise your reputation high enough.

Where to farm Crystal Marrow in Inazuma

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The secret to Inazuman smelting, Crystal Marrow is currently only needed for particular quests, but it has been suggested that it will be necessary for ascending the upcoming tanuki-clad ninja, Sayu. Crystal Marrow form in and around the bones of Orobaxi, a massive serpent god slayed by the Raiden Shogun many years prior. In death, Orobaxi created the Tatarigami, a curse that causes plague and natural disasters, and each Crystal Marrow contains a small sliver of the Tatarigami.

Most of the Crystal Marrow points are found on Yashiori Island, specifically along Orobaxi's massive skeleton. You can find just shy of 50 Crystal Marrow here. You can find an additional 13 around Tatarasuna while farming Naku weeds. With a handful of harder to reach Crystal Marrow, it is possible to gather 66 each refresh, which means it will take nearly a week to get all the Crystal Marrow necessary to ascend Sayu.

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For now however, you'll need Crystal Marrow for Chouji, a young boy whose miner parents fell sick from Tatarigami. You can find Chouji just outside the Jokotsu Mine, where he is trying to sell Crystal Marrow to leave the island and search for his missing parents. In the course of completing his side quest, he will ask for a dozen Crystal Marrow several times. Although Chouji is soon revealed to be scamming you, keep giving him the Crystal Marrow and you will eventually get substantial rewards for helping him.

Where to farm Sea Ganoderma in Inazuma

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Although Sea Ganoderma have been available outside of Inazuma, the only other place where players could gather them was the Golden Apple Archipelago, an area that has since been closed off. Now, if you want to gather these plants, Inazuma is your best bet. Sea Ganoderma are necessary for ascending Kazuha. It is also likely there will be future characters and quests that require this odd, mushroom-like plant.

Unlike Sakura blooms, Naku weeds, and Crystal Marrow however, Sea Ganoderma aren't found in large clusters. They can be found along the coasts of each major island. The largest clusters can be found on the northwest shore of Kannazuka. Sea Ganoderma refresh 48 hours after being picked and in total there are almost 60 along the coasts. The quickest way to make sure you've got them all is to summon the Waverider and trace the coastlines.

Where to farm Onikabuto in Inazuma

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Another unique resource that will likely have more uses in the future are Onikabuto. These sedentary lavender beetles are attracted to Electro energy, and can be found on trees and rocks throughout Inazuma. While these little beetles are the rarest of Inazuma's local specialties, they also don't have many uses yet.

There are twenty that can be farmed each refresh, and unlike the other bugs you catch, they don't flee or move at all. If these do end up being an ascension material for future characters, keep in mind you need 168 to fully ascend just one. Given how rare the Onikabuto are, it would be wise to set time aside for farming them.

Where to farm Dendrobium in Inazuma

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Inspired by Lycoris or red spider lilies, Dendrobium are viewed in much the same way in Teyvat, as a symbol of death. These flowers can be found littering battlefields and when gathered, can be offered at simple tombs to honor the fallen. So far, that's the only use for them; however, it has been speculated that future character will use them for ascension, so it helps to farm them now.

Most of the 36 Dendrobium are on Nazuchi beach between Kannazuka and Yashiori Islands. The other clusters can be found on the northernmost island in Kannazuka, around the Pyro Hypostatis. Like Onikabuto, these flowers have the potential to be ascension materials, so it's a good idea to start farming them now.

Other local specialties?

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Although these six items are the only local specialty resources in Inazuma now, both Mondstadt and Liyue have eight local specialties each, so it's possible two more will be added with the next major update. Additionally, there are two ingredients, Lavender Melons and Seagrass, as well as amethyst lumps, and several new types of wood that can be farmed in Inazuma.

Lavender Melons can be found on trees scattered about in much the same way as Sunsettias in Mondstadt and Liyue. These trees also provide Cuiha wood for crafting furniture. Seagrass can be gathered along the coastline, similar to Sea Ganoderma. Both can also be purchased from Shimura's restaurant in Inazuma City. Amethyst lumps are abundant and found alongside the various other ores you can mine.

Gardening local specialties in the Serenitea Pot

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Also new with the addition of Inazuma, players can now farm some local specialty resources in their Serenitea Pot. Tubby will sell up to five plots for gardening, along with the seeds, spores, or cuttings to grow several plants:

  • Jade Field can be used to grow Valberries, Sweet Flowers, Small Lamp Grass flowers, Jueyun Chilis, Carrots, Radishes, Mint, and Mushrooms.
  • Luxuriant Glebe can be used to grow Silk Flowers, Cecilias, Glaze Lilies, Windwheel Asters, Qingxin, Violet Grass, and Naku Weeds.
  • Orderly Meadow can be used to grow Horsetails, Snapdragons, Lotus Heads, Calla Lilies, Seagrass, and Sea Ganoderma.

Players can purchase two Jade Fields, one Luxuriant Glebe, and two Orderly Meadows, and these plots can be used indefinitely for up to four plants at a time. Tubby restocks seeds, allowing players to purchase up to five of each per week.

Questions about farming in Inazuma?

Do you have any questions about farming Sakura blooms or other local specialties in Inazuma? Drop them in the comments below and be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides as you journey across Teyvat.

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