VR painting simulator Vermillion launches for Quest 2 on March 24

(Image credit: The Aviary)

What you need to know

  • Vermillion is a VR-only title where people can paint with professional tools and can export their paintings to social media, the VR home, or an actually home.
  • The game will be available in the Quest store next week on Thursday, March 24.
  • No price announced, though the Steam version released last year currently costs $20.

Vermillion, a painting simulator in VR, will be coming to the Quest store next week on March 24 after initially launching for Steam and other VR headsets last year.

The Quest 2 title allows people to paint with professional tools while still in the comforts of their room using the headset's Passthrough feature. Although, the title does have its own studio environments if a little escapism is needed to paint.

The game features wet-on-wet painting, so artists can easily blur and mix colors on the canvas or the palette to get different colors. It can also tell the amount of pressure applied with the brush, whether a light touch or more pressure by flattening is needed. Painting can be done either standing up, sitting down, or laying down.

Vermillion also has some features that regular painting cannot compare to, such as an undo button and being able to paint between four layers. There is a dedicated in-game web browser too, so potential artists can look up images on the internet or local files from a PC, follow YouTube tutorials, or easily trace over images with the projector.

Once finished with a piece, the painting can be shared directly to Facebook, exported as a 3D model for Sketchfab, displayed within the in-game VR home, or for use in VR Chat. Those extremely proud of their work can even export it as a canvas print and hang it up in the real world.

Vermillion will be available on the Quest store starting March 24. While no price for the Quest 2 version has been revealed yet, it launched last year on Steam for $20.

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