Owlchemy Labs teases new multiplayer VR game at Gamescom

Owlchemy Labs VR project
(Image credit: Owlchemy Labs)

What you need to know

  • Owlchemy Labs teased a new unnamed VR project at Gamescom with a very short trailer.
  • The project will heavily feature hand tracking and will be the studio's first game to include multiplayer.
  • The project does not have a title or release date, but will presumably come to Oculus Quest 2 since used in the trailer.

Vacation Simulator and Cosmonious High studio Owlchemy Labs teased its new VR project in a brief trailer during Gamescom's Opening Night Live event.

Very little was shown or detailed about the unnamed VR project, but it will be the first game from Owlchemy Labs that will include multiplayer. It is somewhat showcased in the teaser trailer with multiple people in various locations wearing Oculus Quest 2 headsets and reacting to one player about to virtually eat something that probably should not be eaten.

Hand tracking will also be a major feature and will be "built from the ground up" for the VR project. The developer has worked with hand tracking through updates to Vacation Simulator and the recently released Cosmonious High, both some of the best Quest 2 games.

“The first time we saw and used our own hands in VR we realized this is the future of the platform," said Andrew Eiche, Owlchemy Labs COO. "Hand tracking lowers the barrier of entry into VR, making games more accessible and intuitive to more people. Playing games is much more fun when you’re using your actual body as the controller.”

“Hand tracking has provided an unprecedented level of communication between players," said Devin Reimer, Owlchemy Labs CEO. "Bundle this new technology with players experiencing our quirky worlds with friends and you have all the ingredients for a magical VR experience."

Reimer also said that Owlchemy Labs has "nearly tripled in size" since the launch of Cosmonious High, and is looking "to push VR forward to new heights" with the new project.

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