Cosmonious High gets accessibility update with one-handed mode and more

Cosmonious High
(Image credit: Owlchemy Labs)

What you need to know

  • Virtual reality adventure game Cosmonious High is getting a free update today for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR with new accessibility features.
  • The Accessibility Update adds the ability to play while sitting or with just one hand alongside tutorial reminders and making objects easier to grab.
  • It also brings more inclusivity with more icons for interactions and abilities, and character pronouns featured more prominently. 

Cosmonious High, the virtual reality adventure game about having special powers while trying to get the best grades in alien high school, is receiving a free update today that offers more accessibility features that allow more ways to play the game, developer Owlchemy Labs announced.

The Accessibility Update adds several new quality of life settings with some that can be toggled on and off anytime. The One-Handed Mode allows players to play the game with one hand using only one VR or Meta Quest 2 controller, and can be detected automatically if only one controller is synced.

Cosmonious High can also now detect when players are sitting while playing and will automatically adjust hand orientations, character animations, and more to the correct height. Another feature is Enhanced Object Interactions, which makes interactable objects easier to identify with brighter colors and effects, and require less precise movements to grab or use.

The free update also includes reminder tutorials if the player has not played for a while or a certain power is not being used, more icons for interactions and abilities, localization improvements, and characters' pronouns now appearing in conversation speech bubbles or the back of photos when using the in-game camera. The studio showed off some of the features within the update in the video below.

“These features are not just for those with accessibility needs, but for everyone," said accessibility engineer Peter Galbraith. "More options on how to play a game improves the quality of life for all players and makes Cosmonious High accessible to folks who need them.”

The Accessibility Update for Cosmonious High, one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, is available starting today for Oculus Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets.

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