Moss: Book II coming to Oculus Quest 2 on July 21

Moss Book 2 gameplay screenshot
(Image credit: Polyarc)

What you need to know

  • VR puzzle adventure game Moss: Book II will be launching for the Oculus Quest 2 on July 21.
  • The game released earlier this year on the PlayStation VR.
  • The official soundtrack is also now available for preorder through Materia Collective and Bandcamp.

Action adventure puzzle game Moss: Book II will be coming to Oculus Quest 2 headsets on July 21, developer Polyarc announced during the UploadVR Summer Showcase event today.

The sequel to 2018's Moss, one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, originally launched last March as a timed exclusive on PlayStation VR. The studio did announce after its release that the game would be coming to Oculus Quest 2 sometime this summer and made it available to wishlist on the Quest store.

"For this release, we didn't just want to get Book II running on Quest 2 and call it a day, so we took our time diligently balancing all aspects of the game, across graphics and gameplay, with the end goal being a truly memorable experience,” said Polyarc technical artist Tyler Walters in a statement. “Throughout this process, we were regularly excited by the level of fidelity we were able to achieve on Quest 2, often finding ways to make the game look and play better than ever."

Moss: Book II on the PlayStation VR received a glowing score in our review with praise going to the gorgeous visuals, charming presentation, fun combat, and great variety between gameplay and puzzles. One of the setbacks was the simplistic and somewhat awkward controls, since the game only used the DualShock 4 controller. It seemed the controls were more suited for a split controller like the Meta Quest 2 has due to the lack of face buttons and better tracking.

Polyarc also announced it had opened preorders for the game's official soundtrack, composed by two-time BAFTA award-winning composer Jason Graves. The soundtrack is available in a limited run of CD and vinyl albums at Materia Collective and Bandcamp.

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