Ray-Ban Meta AI and more looks to be coming to Quest soon

A Meta Quest 3 with Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses in the background
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Meta Quest update v66 is now in beta testing for folks enrolled in the PTC channel.
  • VR analyst Luna found several new features in testing including Ray-Ban Meta AI, a wrist button, a resizable virtual keyboard, groundwork for more realistic avatars, and more.
  • Hardware improvements include more granular brightness adjustment settings for the Quest Pro, integration of Android's Bluetooth Quick Pair feature, and new sensor privacy features.

Meta Quest update v66 began rolling out to Public Test Channel (PTC) members last week, and VR analyst Luna took the time to tear down the new update to see everything that's new, including new features hidden within the operating system code.

Published at UploadVR, Luna's data mining of Quest update v66 reveals nearly a dozen new features that haven't been fully surfaced, meaning they're coded into the operating system but don't necessarily have a button or switch to enable just yet.

The most interesting of the bunch is the inclusion of the Meta AI Assistant we first saw roll out to Ray-Ban Meta glasses at the end of 2023. Since then, the assistant has gained several new features thanks to Meta's Llama 3 AI model which can run locally on-device.

That could give players significant upgrades to voice commands over the current voice assistant. Based on prior updates, this new AI assistant may be able to visually identify objects in the room or potentially automatically map the room even better than before.

Setting up a Galaxy S23 Ultra with fast pair

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Hand-tracking games are set to get more accessibility features, including a new wrist-mounted home button. That means you can turn your hand over in any hand-tracking app or game and tap your wrist to go home. Currently, users need to perform a pinch gesture to pull up the home menu.

Meta is also working towards making the Meta Quest feel more like a spatial computer rather than just a mixed reality headset with upcoming features like a downloads folder, implementing Android's Quick Pair for Bluetooth, calendar sync, and custom virtual keyboard resizing and placement.

Quick Pair, in particular, will make it even easier to pair a mouse and keyboard with a Meta Quest headset. Plus, it's entirely possible that we'll be able to pair a Bluetooth speaker with the headset so you can control everything from there. Additionally, the improved do-not-disturb mode looks to let users schedule DnD for maximum productivity.

That should make headsets like the upcoming Lenovo productivity headset and the Meta Quest Pro 2 make much more sense as proper laptop replacements rather than expensive toys.

Beyond that, a new sensor lock feature will keep cameras and microphones off whenever the headset is put to sleep. That means tracking might take an extra second or two to load up when a user puts the Quest on their head, but sometimes a little waiting is worth the extra privacy.

Lastly, Meta continues to work on its realistic avatar technology, further baking support into the Quest for calibration and testing. Meta's realistic avatars would require a smartphone to scan your face (see above video) but allow for avatars that look incredibly realistic when released.

As always, with a beta release, some of these features may make it into the final June v66 update, while others may be delayed for release in future updates. There's also no guarantee that any of these features will make it to a final software version, but most features available in a firmware beta tend to get released soon after public testing.

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