Nuverse's latest game, Earth: Revival, coming to PC and mobile in 2023

Earth: Revival art
(Image credit: Nuverse)

What you need to know

  • Nuverse announced Earth Revival, an open world survival multiplayer game.
  • The game will feature survival aspects with players gathering resources for weapons and armor, building bases, and multiplayer endgame activities including raids and a battle royale mode.
  • It will launch for PC and mobile devices in 2023 and support cross-platform progression.

Nuverse, the development and publishing arm of TikTok parent company ByteDance, announced a new sci-fi open world survival multiplayer game launching on PC and mobile next year.

The game is called Earth: Revival and takes place on a ravaged Earth in the future of the year 2112. A war against a "mysterious alien species" destroyed most of the Earth, and the survivors must reclaim what is left and restore. 

Players can explore an open world, gather resources to craft weapon and power armor, and build settlements alone or with others. Characters and weapons will highly customizable with skins, upgrades, and attachments. 

Earth: Revival will have a big multiplayer component with endgame activities including PvE raids, team tournaments, boss events, and a battle royale mode. Players will also aided by AI assistant called Lydia and will be able to tame "fully-armed smart pets" to fight the alien and mutant threats.

"We’ve always wanted to combine third person shooter combat mechanics with the open world and survival genres to create a unique synergy that will make the players feel the world is bristling with identity and constantly changing and evolving around them,” said William Lu, Nuverse producer for Earth: Revival.

The game will receive a limited closed beta test for PC and Android from Sept. 2-18 in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. Anyone interested and eligible can register at the official website.

Earth: Revival will be launching worldwide some time in 2023 for PC, Android, and iOS devices with cross-platform progression supported.

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