Tower of Fantasy gets major content update this month with Artificial Island

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What you need to know

  • Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG that many have compared to Genshin Impact.
  • It takes place hundreds of years in the future on the fictional planet of Aida, which has seen a natural disaster decimate the population. 
  • Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have announced a major content update set for Sept. 15, adding a new location and a new playable character.

Tower of Fantasy players will have new content to look forward to very soon. Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have revealed that on Sept. 15 a new location and playable character will be added to the recently released open-world RPG. 

Artificial Island, the new location, is exactly what its name sounds like. Players will be able to traverse a number of floating islands once they reach Lv. 50 and have made it past a certain point in the game's story. Banges Tech's flying vehicle can be used to make your way to Artificial Island, which Hotta says is packed with riddles and supplies.

What may be even more interesting for Tower of Fantasy players is a new feature Construction feature accompanying Artificial Island that allows players to create their own island. Wanderers will need to either reach a specific goal or a specific level in order to unlock this feature. 

Also being added on Sept. 15 is Claudia, a Hykros Executor described as having a "bit of a military demeanor." Though being injured in the line of duty, she's still proficient in one-handed swords and should hopefully rank high among other playable characters on Tower of Fantasy's tier list

Tower of Fantasy is free-to-play on Android, and this content update will be free for all players as well.


Tower of Fantasy

Enjoy Tower of Fantasy even more with its upcoming content update that adds a new location to explore and a new playable character. 

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