Tower of Fantasy character tier list: The best characters ranked

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Part of the appeal of playing through gacha games like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy is collecting all the different characters, fleshing out your roster and getting a variety of ways to deal with foes. 

The characters in Tower of Fantasy work a little bit differently than in many other great Android games, but when it comes to collecting these the principle here remains the same. As players use the summoning system, they'll be collecting Simulacra, which are characters that come with a weapon. If you're not sure who you should be aiming to collect, we're here to help. We've ranked the best characters in Tower of Fantasy, detailing what makes them each special. 

Tower of Fantasy: How many characters are there?

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Right now, there are 18 characters — or Simulacrum — in Tower of Fantasy. The in-game rarity system is currently divided into SSR and SR, which would be the equivalent of five and four-star characters in Genshin Impact, respectively. Currently, there are 13 SSR characters and 5 SR characters, but we expect that to change in the future as the roster grows.

It's also worth remembering that ultimately, you should choose to play with the characters you like! If you enjoy one's playstyle or even aesthetic, that's reason enough to use them. You may just have a harder time in some fights than you would otherwise. With that said, we've ranked these characters based around potential usage due to their abilities, especially as it relates to damage output.

S-Rank characters in Tower of Fantasy

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These are the best of the best. These are the characters you absolutely want to try and get if you can. These characters can be used with max potential in the most ways.

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Name & RarityElementWeaponDetails
SSR - KingFireScythe of the Crow (Scythe)Between his ability to deal high amounts of fire damage and the bonus of healing as he takes out foes, King is a very strong choice.
SSR - NemesisLightningVenus (Hover Blaster)Nemesis deals heavy damage from a distance, while summoning Electrodes allows her to follow up with shock attacks.
SSR - SamirLightningDual EM Stars (double pistols)Samir has great range and mobility thanks to her weapons and bikes, but it's her special abilities that make her incredible, as her damage rises the longer she goes without taking hits.
Row 3 - Cell 0 Row 3 - Cell 1 Row 3 - Cell 2 Row 3 - Cell 3

A-Rank characters in Tower of Fantasy

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These are really good characters. While not the absolute upper echelon, these are still great to use across many areas in Tower of Fantasy, and they're usually easy to use in a way that makes them extremely useful.

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Name & RarityElementWeaponDetails
SSR - CocoritterIceAbsolute Zero (Scepter)Cocoritter provides flexibility, as her abilities let her deal ice damage and freeze foes while also healing her teammates.
SSR - CrowLightningThunder Blades (double blades)Crow deals quick electric damage, and if used as a loner, he can take higher amounts of damage without falling.
SSR - HumaFireMagma Shield V2 (Shield)Huma can soak up damage, with her skills further improving her tank-like durability, while she can also retaliate with fire attacks.
SSR - ShiroGrievousChakram of the Seas (Chakram)Shiro deals great AOE damage and can also pull enemies closer, meaning that if you stay on your feet, she's great for crowd control.
SSR - TsubasaIceIce Wind Arrow (Bow)Tsubasa is a fairly simple character, dealing high amounts of icy ranged damage and freezing tougher foes in place.

B-Rank characters in Tower of Fantasy

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These characters are good. They're not your first pick if you're a real minmaxer, and you may need to be more careful in order to succeed in difficult areas, but that doesn't make them a bad choice.

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Name & RarityElementWeaponDetails
SR - EchoLightningThunder Halberd (Halberd)Unlocked fairly early on, Echo is good at dealing electric damage and breaking shields.
SSR - MerylIceRosy Edge (Claymore)Meryl is good at dealing damage against groups thanks to her icy abilities, while in turn being very resistant to ice damage.
SSR - ZeroFireNegating Cube (Enchanted cube)Zero is a solid support character, able to assist his team by absorbing damage as he gains more cubes.

C-Rank characters in Tower of Fantasy

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This is your standard fare. There's little that makes these characters stand out by comparison, or they might be harder to use in an effective way. They're not awful, but it'll take some effort in order to thrive with these.

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Name & RarityElementWeaponDetails
SR - Bai LingGrievousNightengale's Feather (Bow)Bai Ling is okay at dealing ranged damage early on and has a useful Discharge attack.
SR - EneIcePummeler (Hammer)Ene can do decent ice damage, and also has some solid charged attacks.
SR - HildaIceThe Terminator (Gun)Hilda looks awesome, and is okay at dealing ranged attacks out early on in the game.
SR - PepperFireStaff of Scars (Staff)Pepper is another early character. She's good at healing, especially when playing in a team.

A growing world

Naturally, we'll continue to update this list as more and more characters are added in new events over time. In our review, we found that Tower of Fantasy is a bit rough right now, but the developers should be continuing to fix things and improve the game in the future.


Tower of Fantasy

It may wear its inspirations on its sleeves, but Tower of Fantasy provides a compelling new free-to-play game for anyone that wants to collect more characters and gain power as they advance through the story. Just be mindful of the bugs. 

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