Genshin Impact: How to unlock the underwater waypoint in Sumeru

Genshin Impact waypoint unlocked
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Like any good Genshin Impact update, 3.0 adds many environmental puzzles for players to solve as they explore the new Sumeru region. At one point, you'll come across a seemingly inaccessible waypoint located below a pool of water west of Sumeru City. There is a way to unlock this waypoint, but it's a fairly involved process. 

Should you want to unlock this waypoint, you'll need a Dendro character on hand. Luckily, Collei is available for free during the limited-time Graven Innocence event. If you don't start this event, you'll need to pull for either Tighnari or Collei on Genshin Impact's current wish banner. 

How to unlock the underwater waypoint in Sumeru

1. Head west from Sumeru City to the Statue of the Seven.

2. Then, head west until you come across a small lake with a gray waypoint marker underwater.

3. At the top of the waterfall, defeat two Ruin Sentinels and interact with the cube to lower the water level. 

4. Facing the direction of the cube and the water, turn to your left and make your way through the tunnel in the wall.

5. Use a Dendro character to activate the Dendro monuments in this room. (You'll need to destroy some rock piles to find a few hidden ones.) 

Genshin Impact dendro monument

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6. Interact with the cube to drain the water level again, and the waypoint will be revealed when you go back up. 

Genshin Impact cube interaction

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Should you wish to instead not go back to the waypoint and travel further down after the water level lowers, you can do so. This will allow you to find and access The Jungle of Inverted Dreams Domain. You'll need to fight a couple of Ruin machines on the way down. 

Keep following the path and you'll end up near a fallen pillar. Use the Dendrograna nearby and hit the floating Dendro icons and unlock the domain's entrance.

This domain offers a number of key upgrade materials, so it's best to unlock it sooner rather than later. 

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