GameStop testing the waters of being an Android tablet retailer

Not to long ago a rumor popped up that video game retailer, GameStop -- would be developing their own Android tablet to sell in their retail locations. Seems a portion of the rumors were true at this point as GameStop has now reportedly teamed up with Asus, Acer, and Samsung to offer up 'specialized' Android tablets pre-loaded with seven quality Android games and support for the GamesStops own tablet controller.

Right now, its been suggested to be a pilot program so not all Gamestop locations will these tablets available but who knows? If all goes well with the pilot Gamestop could widen the availability in an effort to attract more customers. Would you really buy a tablet from GameStop though? Not sure they'd be first on my places to shop when scoping out a new tablet.

Source: WSJ via: TechCruch

  • I don't see me buying a tablet from them but I hope this gives them incentive to release their Gamestop app on Android.
  • LOL that is where I got my first smart phone...Helio Ocean FTW!
  • I think it will all depend on the tablet, and more specifically the PRICE.. if they can offer the same thing cheaper, maybe. If it is the same price and the big box stores, not a chance.
  • i looked at the tablets and they are all honeycomb. one is the transformer for 399 and galaxy tabs 10 and 7 inch and the iconia 7 and 10 inch. they are retailing at the same price as bestbuy. i would buy one from them because i'm soon to buy one next year and why not buy from them and get some free stuff at the same price.
  • Tablet sounds nice, but knowing Gamestop it will be pricey.. on a side note they are a nightmare when purchasing games, trying to get you to sign up and pay for the gimmicky savings card and begging you to reserve a game which most dont have in mind all the time they are going in to pay for a 60.00 game.
  • Wonder if I could trade in some old games snd systems for gredit twards a tablet. I got a email today they also are selling the iPhone 3gs and 4 on there site. Less than 400 bucks for a iPhone 4 32GB. Not bad huh.
  • iPhone 4S is $399.00 for a 64Gb in the Cellphone Stores.
  • For now Gamestop is just a place for me to purchase a game one a month or so. I don't see that changing simply because of a tablet. We'll see what they got in store for us, IF developed.
  • After my last "customer service" experience at GameStop, I wouldn't buy another item from them even if it came with free hookers and blow...
  • Don't forget that Gamestop recently got busted for opening up retail boxes that were advertised as brand new and removing coupons and stuff that they felt were competing with them. At this point, I fully expect Gamestop to lock your tablet from installing any apps they didn't approve of. At the very least, their "free" apps will probably be bunch of bloat akin to stuff you see installed by phone carriers. Such a shady company will not make a cent off me ever. I'd just order my next tablet from Amazon or Newegg.
  • I don't go to RapeStop for games what makes you think Ima go there for a table? Ooh that's right... There's still a market of gullible ppl
  • The Gamestop preowned pricing model makes me sick to my stomach. For the people too impatient to do EBay or craigslist, their used games end up being purchased for $15 only to be sold for $45. At least its good that you can return a preowned game within 7 days. I attempted to trade in a 3 gen iPod mini under their new program only to be offered 6 bucks. It was 4gb and in good condition. I should have known.... There is no need to support Gamestop as there are clearly better deals on Amazon ($20 credit for preordering most A list titles), Toys R us buy 2 get 1 free....and even best buy gives you rewards points. Get your hands on experience and research a tablet in a cellphone retailer or Best Buy, then go and buy it online.
  • Last place I expected to come across Gamestop hate. Strange.
  • Regardless of the Gamestop hate from the last few comments, I don't get it. Even assuming they had a 100% satisfaction rate from existing customers I don't see how their customer base is large enough to support a tablet just for them. I can see a Gamespot apps package that one could load on any existing tablet but a custom tablet? That seems silly. It actually sounds more like they would be selling an existing tablet - like a galaxy tab - with a gamespot logo and some stuff pre loaded (and maybe a cool controller). That, honestly, sounds a bit silly too. I just don't see how this is going to be successful.