Gameloft developing four new Unreal Engine 3 titles for Android

Mobile games developer and publisher Gameloft has announced that it's partnering with Epic Games to bring four new Unreal Engine 3-powered titles to market on a number of platforms including Android. The first two of these titles will launch sometime this year, with two more following up in 2012.

Epic Games is most famous as developer of Gears of War and Infinity Blade, but its Unreal Engine 3 technology has powered a variety of titles on several platforms over the past five years. Recently Epic's engine has been shown running on next-generation Android hardware like the LG Optimus 2X with impressive results. In addition to Android, Gameloft plans to bring its four new Unreal Engine titles to iOS, PlayStation Network and "set-top boxes". [Gameloft]

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Oh exciting. Hope the games don't reach other platforms before Android. Android seems to always get the short-end of the stick when it comes to when Gameloft games are released.
  • With the Motorola Atrix and all Tegra 2 powered phones hitting the market this year, things are going to be looking real good! So glad I got the Atrix.
  • Me 2.... im exited, gameloft dose do really good games, lets see if their adroid worthy...
  • "Epic Games is most famous as developer of Gears of War and Infinity Blade" Really? I would think it would be the game that introduced the most popular self-titled engine in the industry, Unreal.
  • I'd be inclined to be more interested in their offerings if they actually bothered to use the Android Marketplace.
  • One of their biggest downfalls. Can't read reviews, get updates (if they actually do updates), along with other things.
  • I get updates, I change ROMs, APK still works with my phone...... Stop complaining..... If you change phones completely, contact them and they will send you new apk for your phone.....
  • Because that's not a pain in the tail or anything, having to keep track of what went missing and whatnot.
  • Titanium backup requires no thought......
  • Exactly. Not having their games on the Android Market = Epic Fail.
    If I want to play their games I have to pirate them because they don't have an option for me to legitimately purchase them for the Captivate on their web page. Even if it was an option, I still probably wouldn't buy until their titles are on the Android Market. I flash custom ROMs far to often, and therefore have no desire to mess with 3rd party DRM when trying to re-install their games.
  • If they really want to impress everyone, they will make their software available on the Android Marketplace....
  • 1 thing pisses me off a bit here... WHERE the hell is the damn UDK for android suport.
    i want to start making games on UDK for android.
    but there is stil no suport for android in the UDK. and really wondering how these guy's are doing it.
  • Speaking of gameloft, Asphalt 5 is only .99 on MARKET today!
  • The article says Epic Games but the press release states Qualcomm.... They are teaming up with Qualcomm to better optimize their upcoming titles for Qualcomm powered devices and considering that NVIDIA's quad-core is around the corner and that most manufacturers jumped aboard the NVIDIA train I would say that this isnt the best move in history. Then again, that's probably the reason for which I am not a game developer :)