The Galaxy Note 10 has been out for 8 months — do you still like it?

Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors
Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors (Image credit: Android Central)

When we talk about Samsung these days, it's often in relation to the Galaxy S20 lineup of devices. These are the latest flagships that the company has to offer, and as such, that's what gets most of our attention.

However, the S20 phones aren't the only ones Samsung has in its current portfolio. Just a few months ago, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were the hottest Samsung phones you could get.

One of our AC forum members recently asked if it was still worth upgrading to the Note 10+, and with that, some of our AC forum members who own the phone chimed in with their thoughts on it.

I have a Note 10+ The bad: It doesn't have the headphone jack but worse it doesn't have the latest bluetooth chipset. The bt HD codecs it can use are limited because of this:( 60hz display. Really Samsung? The curve screen is a pain protect and you need a good case to protect the s pen corner, it's preferred corner to land on in a drop. Or it face plants. Since it has just about zero...


I also have the unlocked version Note 10+ on tmobile, it has great reception , wificalling and with the update to 2.1 One UI lot of the s20 features. My battery life is a day with heavy usuage about 9.5hrs to 11.5 hrs SOT I love its boxy design but might want consider pop socket .


Concerning the power button on the left side: You will get used to it within a few days. I personally have no problem with it.

Walter Wagenleithner

The Spen is a nice feature if you take advantage of what it can do. Cutting, and pasting text, cropping images is more precise than using you finger. There's a lot more features that it has that make it useful depending upon your needs. I use the Ultra mostly right now. When I don't have my Note around sometimes miss the Spen and I'm not a big user.

Mike Dee

Now, we want to hear from you — 8 months later, do you still like your Galaxy Note 10?

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Joe Maring

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  • Great solid device! Still one of the best phones on the market. Gonna carry this one to term so I can get out of this upgrade once or twice a year cycle I've been in
  • First phone I've had where I don't feel an upgrade is warranted. So will keep it for another year. Maybe two. It is a very good phone.
  • I own the Aura Blue 256GB Note10+ on Verizon. I have to say, I've owned phones that have served me well, since I believe in only getting a phone if your current one isn't working for you as well. Coming from the Galaxy Note Edge that I used for 4+ years, this Note10 + is the single best phone I have ever used. Period. In the 8 months I've owned this, I have only had one app crash on me, and that happened last week after I updated the app. 12 GBs of RAM is an embarrassing amount, but keeps the phone running smooth and fast. No lag whatsoever. Power button placement on the left side was never an issue for me, since the power button on my previous phone was on the top. The headphone jack removal was a chicken move, but apparently every company is doing it to push wireless headphone solutions. But I've gotten used to it. But the screen, the memory, great battery life and the One UI launcher, for me, is reason enough for me to hold on to this phone for years.
  • This is one of the best phones...Infact i was quiet dissappointed with the S20 series...Love My Note 10 plus...256gb and 12gb ram is a beast...dint even realise so many months have passed....
    Still feels brand new ....
  • I love the phone it is great. It is even better after the 2.1 UI up date.
  • Best phone I've ever bought. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus
  • Great features, but mine still had issues with in pocket detection and the implementation of the fingerprint sensor when a smart lock device is connected could be better. Actually is like to see them bring back the pressure sensitive home button from the Note 9 along with the in-screen fingerprint sensor.
  • Have an unlocked note 10 plus purchased from Microsoft store. Everything from the purchase experience forward has been top notch. Paid a fair price and absolutely love the phone. I can't think of one negative thing to say about it. It can do everything.